Best Bets to Make in Football to Win Big

Nobody on the planet can tell you what are the best football bets to do to win every time, nor to be successful in the long run, but we’ve learned a few tricks to beat the bookies

As weird as this may sound, many US punters are wondering how to bet and win in soccer, and they are actually seeking a soccer bet winning formula, and that’s easy to observe on Reddit.

How is that possible?

The matter is quite simple: More than 1.000 active football competitions are currently being held in the world, and the result is that more than 1.000 matches are played every week, on average!

Yes, yes, and although Americans say that football is a low-scoring game with pretty random outcomes, the sheer amount of fixtures attracts many punters who want to test out various betting strategies.

Alright, so let’s go back to helping you change your betting fortunes…

We’ve prepared several tips & tricks designed to help you win football bets more often, regardless if you’re looking to improve your footy accas’ hit-rate or to win bet slips with long odds.

Plus, we’ve done a couple of simulations, and we even added a footy acca betting system that will most likely change the way you perceive football accumulators.


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Tips to Win Football Bets More Often

Tips to Win Football Bets More Often

Are you wondering how to make the most of your bets? Don’t waste any more hours scouring the internet in an attempt to discover new ways of improving your football betting skills. Use the following tips and things should fall into place:

Keep records and monitor your betting stats. Keeping a clear and detailed record of what bets you’ve placed is essential to discover what you’re good at and what drags you down. It can be beneficial to track the competition, stake, odds, type of bet, bookie, result, profit/loss, source (if you’ve followed someone’s tip), and whatever else you might find useful.

Monitoring this kind of data is the only way to improve your football betting strategy and habits continually. You might find that you’re good at wagering on the Champions League or that your Under 2.5 predictions are the most successful of all bet types. The same way you can discover that your Europa League betting slips have a very low hit-rate and that one of the tipsters you are following is taking you to bankruptcy.

Choose the most convenient bookie for each wager. I’ll give you a couple of excellent reasons not to be loyal to your favourite bookmaker. Missing out on the best odds on the market is not a clever idea. In fact, pro punters use tens of betting accounts to wager wherever the best odds for each prediction can be found. Now, I’m not telling you to register with every bookmaker on the internet, but at least open accounts with four or five of our recommended online bookmakers.

Secondly, you must take advantage of bookmakers promotions & features: price boost, acca insurance, various refunds schemes, cash-out, free bets, deposit bonuses, enhanced odds and whatnot.

Make good use of your know-how, but flush your emotions. Stay in control and use your analytical brain when you are placing bets. Some well-documented punters can provide surprisingly good predictions for upcoming games without doing any pre-match analysis, just because they know the competition inside-out. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that they should only rely on their instinct, which in such cases is based on the result of many cognitive processes happening in the background of their cerebellum.

Any punter who wants to become successful should first restrain all his emotions when it comes to betting. I can assure you that the best football tips for today are all given by sharp bettors who follow this rule, and you should follow their example if you are serious about your football betting.

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Make sure you don’t lose it all. The most fundamental rule in sports betting is only to bet what you can afford to lose. Select a suitable staking method and make sure your bank is large enough to accommodate it, otherwise pick another money management strategy. You must wager as much as you feel comfortable with, without going to extreme lengths: too little will won’t help you stayed focused on your betting model, whereas too much will make you feel nervous and avoid too many excellent betting opportunities.

But no matter what happens, don’t ever chase your losses. You’ve probably made this mistake a few times, but didn’t really realise that it’s a trap. Stay disciplined and don’t let emotions get to you. If it happens, then you need to take a break and then figure out how to stop this from happening, because most likely you are doing something wrong.

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Safest Way to Bet on Football Accumulators

Safest Way to Bet on Football Accumulators

Accumulator bets, or accas, are wagers that generally come with an increased level of risk and a lower value on the final odds. They aren’t profitable in the long run unless the person is fortunate, hence why most professional sports bettors religiously avoid them.

Nonetheless, most punters absolutely love accumulator betting.


Footy accas are attractive, and they can potentially fill your pockets in an instant. But we all know how often that happens…

Don’t worry, because we won’t tell you to place only single bets as most other betting guides do.

Instead, we’ll share a few rules that you should follow to safely bet on footy accas successfully:

Neither bet for your favourite team, nor against it. This is rookie advice, but don’t feel offended by it. Not every football bettor realises that this is the most intelligent move to do if you plan on developing a successful football betting strategy. I just wanted to point this out because most betting guides on the internet only tell you not to back your favourite team or to avoid betting with your heart. However, emotions can drive you to bet against your favourites, and we’ve already talked about emotions & betting, and how bad they are together.

Look out for helpful promotions. The perfect example for this betting tip is Acca Insurance, a way of getting your stake back if only one selection lets you down on your acca, or even winning if one prediction loses – although this will reduce your total odds. And there are other promotions that will help you win the bet or get your money back in various circumstances, like when the match ends 0-0 or when a goal is scored in extra time. Don’t forget that T&Cs apply.

Fight your instincts. Have you noticed that you’ve wagered more often on three or more goals to be scored than the opposite? Yes, the most popular football bets are placed on overs and on both teams to score. That’s because we naturally seek heavy favourites, the player scoring, and we tend to forget about the teams that have a watertight defence or the low scoring games, which can be a very profitable venture.

Less is more. There are two things to do to increase your football accumulators hit rate. Decrease the average odds and the number of selections. But don’t fall into the short odds trap:

  1. Man City to defeat Wolves – 1.13
  2. Bayern to defeat Hoffenheim – 1.10
  3. Zagreb to defeat Belupo – 1.13
  4. PSG to defeat Angers – 1.19
  5. CSKA Sofia to defeat Bistritsa – 1.12
  6. PSV to defeat Venalo – 1.11
  7. Salzburg to defeat Altach – 1.12
  8. Hajduk to defeat Varazdin – 1.14
  9. Zilina to defeat Sered – 1.20
  10. Donetsk to defeat Dnipro – 1.13

The total odds for this 10-fold would be 3.59.

Remember, you need all the selections to go your way to win, and there’s definitely too much risk for the modest potential return. Any serious football tipster would advise you against placing this bet due to the fact that there’s too much risk involved. You get the point.

Instead, stick to bet slips as large as five-folds, and try to keep the individual odds between 1.30 and 1.60. You’ll just need four selections with average odds of 1.45 to better the potential return to x4.42. And if you don’t believe that this kind of four-folds is much more successful football bets then the 10-folds we presented above, then we’re inviting you to test and compare.

Focus on safe betting options. Even if you have acca insurance or similar benefits, it is always a good idea to go for betting options where you have more chances of winning. For instance, instead of 1X2, go for a Double Chance pick, and instead of Over/Under 2.5, clutch at Over/Under 3.0 etc. Asian Handicap tips will come handy. Don’t forget that the “Draw No Bet” option is the same type of bet as Asian Handicap 0. Did you ever place a 5-fold bet containing only refundable predictions? Go ahead!

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Steer away from derby matches and inconsistent teams. You shouldn’t be looking for underdogs who might just pull an upset if you want to play safe, and you don’t want to employ the value betting concept. So your first concern should be to avoid fixtures where teams are evenly matched. It is advisable to keep a close eye on teams that are consistent in their form, regardless if their results are excellent or very poor. The idea is to avoid surprises, and specialisation is the best way to do it. That means you should spot triggers, learn how to anticipate when a team’s form is about to change, and take notes.

Do not blindly wager on the supposed best tip of the day. It is alright to monitor the bets and analysis of other users from the world of online betting, but don’t let others decide your moves. Some pundits have a horrible betting record, so don’t fall the so-called expert advice. Furthermore, avoid all those fixed-matches tips as well, unless you want to get scammed. Unless you work on a betting model, it will be impossible for you to improve over time, so don’t fall for this out of convenience.

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Best Football Bets to do to Win Big (+Footy Acca Strategy)

Best Football Bets to do to Win Big

Winning big on accumulators is a forbidden dream for most sports bettors. Of course, there’s no recipe for success in this regard, and you must be aware that nothing can turn you into a winner.

Nevertheless, there are a few bits of advice you can follow to have a much better chance of improving your results. And we’ve gathered all this information having this in mind. Now, all you have to do is to follow the steps below:

Pick the bookmaker wisely. Evaluate odds, price boosts, acca insurance & the other useful features. This may not be as easy as it seems. Who would you place your bet with if one bookie has the best odds, another provides an excellent refund scheme for acca bets, whereas the third one is the only of the three that will allow you to cash out your bet early? Obviously, there’s no right or wrong, but you have to be consistent when taking such decisions. Compromises like these could turn a loser into a winner, and vice-versa, so do not take the subject lightly.

Add up to 5 selections on your bet slip. A bookies’ payout for a specific market can be anywhere between 80% to 99%. Let’s take an example: Paddy Power has a 3.7% overround on the Liverpool – Leicester 1X2 betting market. Assuming you’ve added another selection with the same payout to your bet slip, the house edge would now double what it was. With every extra selection, the bookmaker’s margin would increase; therefore, your total odds will be less fair. Besides, the true probabilities will only narrow down further if you add more and more selections.

I didn’t forget that this betting guide is about how to win big on football bets, so next, I’m going to show you a better way to increase your potential winnings.

Don’t be afraid to back high odds. Betting on high odds doesn’t mean you’ll have to gamble and hope for the best. But to be able to bet on high odds with a cool head, you need the stats to be on your side. Now, you can feel free to chose whatever betting market you like: Under 1.5 goals, Over 3.5 goals, Full-Time Draw etc. but I’ll give you a hint: draw at half-time & home win at full-time. Let me show you this awesome betting system:

  1. Liverpool v Leicester: Draw/Home @ 4.25
  2. Barcelona v Sevilla: Draw/Home @ 4.30
  3. Bayern v Hoffenheim: Draw/Home @ 4.33
  4. AS Roma v Cagliari: Draw/Home @ 4.30
  5. PSG v Angers: Draw/Home @ 4.25

The total odds for this 10-fold is 1446.

Impressive, isn’t it?

And if you were to remove the last selection from the bet slip, you’d still get total odds of 340.

Nowadays, with so many top UK bookmakers offering bet builders, you can create custom bets that seem pretty reasonable at high odds. Just remember to check out the stats to know which competitions and teams are more likely to end up with your desired outcome.

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Allow yourself enough time to intervene. Have you ever thought about the benefits of adding successive football matches on a bet slip? Basically, if the games you’ve bet on will be spread across a day or two, and not played roughly at the same time, you’ll have more chances to claim a return, because you’ll be able to cash-out winnings before all the events are settled. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that your bet is eligible in the first place.

Let’s imagine that the first three of the five matches from our previous example would end up the way we want: We’d theoretically have the chance to claim a return that’s about 79 times higher than our initial stake. Surely that amount would be pleasing for some punters…

Don’t stick to losing football betting systems. Being close to winning is the same as losing bets regularly. It’s all down to how you look at things. As much as you’d like a strategy, if you can’t make it work after having a large sample of bets, the best thing to do is to try something else. Again, think about all those punters who bet precisely the same way for years and expect their results to better. That’s pure madness! Don’t expect to win football bets every time, but don’t lose track of your overall profit throughout the season.



Easiest Football Bets to Win

Best Sport To Bet On To Make Money

We’ve already tackled this subject in a previous post: Easy Bets to Win Money. Of course, each and every sport has its nuances and specific bets, but generally speaking, to spot safe bets, you should follow the Asian Handicap options and the short-odds selections. But go ahead that article a good read if you wish to find the easiest sports bet to win.

However, learning the easiest bet types doesn’t mean that your job will be easy! So you should consider learning more about the things you need to look into when analysing football matches (like a pro), please check out our other fine resource: How to Bet on Football and Win.

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