How To Bet On Fixed Matches

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Avoiding scams is an essential part of this post, but you'll surely be a lot more interested in detecting and betting on fixed matches on your own!

Finding free fixed matches predictions has become an occupation for many during the last 5 years. Just Google ‘free fixed matches today’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about: 30.500.000 results!

Yep, hundreds if not thousands of free fixed matches blogs can be found amongst those pages. There seems to be an endless interest in free fixed matches on Facebook and Twitter, where the most desired categories in the betting world are Correct Score fixed matches, and HT/FT fixed matches free.

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But many punters who are looking to make a quick buck end up scammed by self-proclaimed match-fixers that claim to possess inside information on a daily basis, hence why a lot of people are wondering where to get real fixed matches nowadays. Most fresh faces get hooked by free fixed matches that require no initial payment.

Our advice is to never pay for fixed matches, even if you received 3 apparently genuine fixed matches winning tips in advance from the person demanding money for the 4th prediction. However, we will tell you how the scam works, why it can go wrong, and how to find fixed matches yourself, if that’s something of interest to you.


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Why Selling Fake 100% Winning Fixed Matches Tips Is Easy To Get Away With

Don't get scammed fixed matches sports betting

No matter how you were convinced to pay, what fake evidence you were shown or how many winners you received before paying, you’ll always be a victim if you bite the bait. This is one of those excellent scamming methods that naturally place the seller in a comfortable position.

These scammers will ask you to make a payment through a platform that won’t refund you no matter what. Some use Paysafecard, others use Skrill, Neteller, MoneyGram, online debit card transfer or even cryptocurrency. Don’t think you’ll ever be able to get your money back; remember, this is their day job, and they know what they’re doing. Once you hand over the money, it’s gone for good.

You just can’t call the police and say: “Hey, I’ve been trying to find the best paid fixed matches on the internet and someone scammed me for £500. His website was saying: Verified Seller Fixed Matches 100% Sure, you know…” can you? It wouldn’t be wise to perform a self-denouncement that makes you a conspirator.

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Why Real Fixed Matches Don’t Always End Up As Originally Planned

Real Fixed Matches Sports Betting

If everyone seems to know about an upcoming fixed match, then there are many good reasons why the expected outcome won’t happen. Here are a few examples:

  • It was never going to be a fix: The classical fixed game scam involves a con artist that tells some people about a fix, asking some of them to wager on the home team, others on the away team and finally, some others on the draw. This usually gets done with an extensive mailing list or with a few different Facebook account/pages/groups etc. Some punters will obviously get a winning pick, and then the trick is repeated once more (or twice more) before the scammer actually demands a payment.
  • The trader scam: Another situation would be when a scammer launched the bait (a fixed match tip) pursuing a trading opportunity. He will initially back the bet tips he is about to provide to the public, and then, after the odds drop, he will lay the bet at much shorter odds.
  • Bookies found out about it and suspended the markets: This means that the monitoring services has also forwarded the information to FIFA's Early Warning System. Most likely, the local FA and the club owner are also notified. The athletes involved start panicking, and the (real) fix is off.
  • It was a fix, but the prediction was different: How clever have you got to be to tell thousands of punters the opposite bet of a fixed football match, only for them to balance the books and drive the odds your way? Simply brilliant!


And even if you had real inside information about a fixed match that goes as planned, your funds might be retained, and you might become a suspect, having to face the unwanted consequences. Note that it’s illegal to bet on the outcome of a fixed sporting event, knowing that it is fixed, even if the guy who told you about it was lying. So technically speaking, even betting on free fixed match tips could get you into trouble, as you are trying to defraud the bookie.

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How To Identify Secret Fixed Matches

Secret Fixed Matches Sports Betting

Match-fixing does occur, probably every day, but you really shouldn’t want to be part of it. Nonetheless, it is a much better idea to play a guessing game, trying to identify the fixes – something that isn’t causing any harm to anyone, – than getting involved in dirty business or end up scammed. If you want to find out how to detect fixed matches, you might want to ask Sportradar’s Integrity Department. Just kidding! Try to identify situations like these in real life:

  • A basketball team often wins but fails to cover the spread – Some call it the worse fix ever, while others see it as pure genius; It happened back in 1978-79, and it was unveiled because of something completely unrelated to it: If you haven’t heard about the Boston College point-shaving scheme and the betting scandal that surrounded it you should give it a read.
  • Irregular pre-match odds in Italian football, cup competitions or obscure leagues – When you can back the draw for odds shorter than 2.50, then most likely something is going on with that game. This happens because both sides would be pleased with a tie at the end of season matches or because there’s an obvious fix going on. Sometimes low odds for the draw can be found for the final football matches in the group phases of the World Cup.
  • Repeated irregular officiatingSome refs just can’t help themselves: they are sport betting addicts, or they purely hate some teams, nations, athletes etc. Some of these bad referees will award penalties, red cards and do all they can to manipulate the result the way they want (having had bet on some markets), while others will purely try to make sure that some team they hate won’t win the matches when he is in charge.
  • Irregular in-play odds – Live betting odds are compiled as a result of an automated process, with human intervention affecting a tiny number of sporting events and betting markets. So, when odds seem to be wrong, most likely there’s a good reason behind it. Some betting syndicates prefer to place their illegal wagers after the match has started to avoid triggering an alarm. This is a typical football match-fixing habit. If the odds drop drastically for no good reason, there’s your chance to jump on the bandwagon.
If everyone seems to know about an upcoming fixed match, then there are many good reasons why the expected outcome won’t happen Click To Tweet

Don’t forget to read the daily news and focus on betting scandals and matches that are supposedly fixed. Try to learn a thing or two from each article you read and then you’ll see how it will get easier for you top spot betting patterns related to match-fixing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be misled every now and then.

Although most fixed events tend to be focused on football betting, the fixed game scams also involve other sports like ice hockey, basketball, snooker and horse races, among others. At the same time, the chosen betting markets or the betting odds will sometimes be designed to put you off. What if the odds drop on the underdog and then the favourite will win the match? Only those who knew the actual fix will benefit from that final result. But remember to stick to your money management plan no matter what!

We understand that some of you are passionate about this subject, although we recommend avoiding it. Now there’s no need to get paranoid: not all irregular results occurred as a result of fixed games. Sports have always been unpredictable, and huge upsets have happened throughout history without any match-fixing involved. Some punters developed a serious issue that makes them believe that almost every sporting event on the planet is fixed. Don’t be that person. It’s not that bad in the real world. Bad luck can be just bad luck… and not a conspiracy.

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