How to Get Started with Sports Betting

Are you interested in getting started with sports betting? Then we have some tips for you on how to get started

Betting is a fun activity to add some more thrill and excitement to your sports watching. But getting started can be a little difficult. Therefore, here are some tips on how to get started.

Set a budget and stick to it

Rule number one when it comes to betting is: Never spend more than you can afford to lose! This rule comes with no exceptions, cause it’s not funny to get broke and if you are having gambling problems you should seek help.

But by setting a budget for your monthly gambling spend, you can keep your gambling under strict control and make sure that you stay safe. When you make bets, you should set a rule of the maximum percentage of your monthly budget you must use on a single bet. Most players use a 5 percent max as their guideline – some even say that 2 per cent is their max. So even if you lose, which is a quite natural part of sports betting, you won’t be game over with this principle.


Pick a sport you are familiar with

Sports betting is about predicting the outcomes of sport. This is of course way easier if you know the sport in great detail and this gives you the advantage of foreseeing results. Then you will know the most likely outcomes and can do more cool gambling and even place bets with super high odds with great confidence.

Focus more on ROI

Since gambling involves money, a lot of gamblers tend to focus a lot on the money they make from a bet. Alright, it is also quite fun to win 100 pounds on a bet and it can be fun to tell your friends about it. But if the bet involves a big input, you are also betting with a high risk, and it is not super fun to lose a lot of money on a single bet if the goalie makes a penalty in the extra time and you risk losing your bet.

So maybe turn around on the perspective of betting. Say that it is not about the money you are making. It’s about how much you make your budget grow. Here it can be useful to use a term from professional investors: Return on investment. It’s a percentage of your pay-out that shows how much you got out of bets. So, as long as you are having a positive ROI, you can be pretty proud of yourself. Also, if you just play 1 pound or less per bet.

Keep statistics

To improve your performance, you need to keep track of your bets. What went well, what went wrong? Are you winning more at live bets or not? Are your predictions better in Formula 1 than Champions League? This will help you learn about your bets and improve your performance over time.

According to, it’s a good idea to track and analyse both odds and your betting activities. That can be done at the website, where you can find guides on betting strategies and daily tips with bets to make on today’s matches. You can also compare different odds, so you always get the highest pay-outs from your bets.

Keep statistics

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