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Betting Basics

Online Betting Benefits

Online Betting BenefitsComfort is undoubtedly one of the key benefits of sports betting online: You can pick up your phone and place a bet in just a few seconds, regardless of where you are or what time it is, as long as you have an internet connection available.

The possibility to cash out your bets is another one of the pros of sports betting online. If you notice that things are going the wrong way, you might want to close the bet to minimise loses. On the other hand, if your bets are winning, you might want to secure a profit and move on.

Live betting is prevalent nowadays. What can be more fun than placing wagers on matches while they’re taking place while watching the match on TV with your mates? But leaving the entertainment aside, live betting can be beneficial for situations where you want to perform manual cash-outs or to back enhanced odds during gameplay, taking advantage of smart and modern betting strategies.

The variety of bookmakers one can have access to represents one of the most significant advantages of betting online. A generous offer doesn’t only mean more sporting events and betting options, but better odds and we all know that better odds means bigger profits. Having registered with several top bookies, you can always take advantage of the best odds in the market and make the most of the offers available on the web.

Online betting is packed with bonuses, free bets and many other kinds of offers, like acca insurance, cash back programs, enhanced odds, bore draw money back and so on. On top of that, many features can make your life easier when betting online, such as the mobile apps with in-play notifications, odds comparison websites and unique special bets.



Odds Meaning

Odds MeaningThe odds provided for an outcome, in theory, are simply a representation of the probability of that result to materialise. There are three main types of odds formats: Decimal, Fractional & American. We’ll explain how to read odds ratio in the simplest possible way.

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Types of Bets Explained: Accas, System Bets & Bankers

Types of Bets Explained

What is a football accumulator, and how do I place a bet? Our accumulator betting guide will get you going straight away, teaching you what singles are, how to place an acca, how to calculate odds, potential winnings and how to play system bets and use bankers on bookies’ platforms. And we won’t leave you in the cold: the last part covers valuable acca betting advice!

The risk/reward ratio of most footy accas or horse racing accumulators might not provide a lot of value, but these types of bets come packed with a lot of excitement!

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Why Odds Change

Why Odds ChangeHave you ever wondered why odds change? There can be more than one reason why prices are moving up and down on the market. The bookmaker’s initial price will be a pure representation of the calculated probabilities, and the last price will be the reflection of the money flow in most cases. For example, a highly backed favourite will have shorter odds just before kick-off, and that happens because the odds are being automatically adjusted when people wager significantly more on one outcome than the other. This way, the bookmaker can balance the wagers to generate a more or less equal amount of profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event.

Learn How Betting Odds Work: Formats, Probability, Movement & Conversions Explained – See Full Article


Betting Handicap Explained

Betting Handicap ExplainedBookies invented handicap betting to encourage punters to stake more often. There are many fixtures where there is a considerable difference between the two sides, for example, Manchester City vs Crystal Palace. Few bettors would be interested in backing the home side for a price of just 1.15, and probably even fewer would place their money on the visitors at odds of 20. After introducing football handicap the bookies turned this in a virtually even match, giving the outsiders a head start of 3 goals and therefore levelling the odds for either outcome. This makes the match much more attractive from a betting point of view, and as a result, it generates more action in the market.

Handicaps come in positive or negative amounts and can be assigned to teams, players, various scorelines and can represent goals, points, sets, games, seconds and so on.



European Handicap Explained

European Handicap Explained

This type of betting handicap is pretty straight forward, having 3 possible outcomes (home win, draw or away win) and only using whole numbers. The favourite will always have a virtual disadvantage, but some bookies will even include the opposite when applicable. Let’s take a European Handicap example, a football handicap for the fixture: England vs Slovenia, where the home side is a heavy favourite.

England Handicap 0:1 or England -1 represents the same thing: Essentially, the away side is given a virtual 1 goal advantage. England must win with a minimum two-goal margin to overcome the one-goal handicap if your bet is to be won. If the home side wins by only one goal, the best is lost. For a Handicap 0:2 or England -2 bet to be a winner, the favourites should win by at least three clear goals.

Draw Handicap 0:1 is the equivalent of the bet: The favourite to win by exactly one goal. After you subtract one goal from the home side, the virtual result should be a draw for the bet to win, anything else and you lose. A Draw Handicap 0:2 bet would require England to win with a two-goal margin, nothing more, and nothing less.

Slovenia Handicap 0:1 or Slovenia +1 is identical to Double Chance X2. You will win the bet if Slovenia doesn’t lose the match, as they are granted a virtual one-goal advantage. A Slovenia Handicap 0:2 or Slovenia +2 bet would be a winner only if the guests won’t lose the match by more than a one-goal margin.

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Asian Handicap Explained

Asian Handicap ExplainedAsian Handicap (AH) is slightly more complicated than the European Handicap, involving refunds and split bets. On the plus side, we can add that this type of handicap is a two-way bet, having the draw removed from the market line. But let’s take it step by step, and you’ll see how easy it is to understand if you learn things this way. We will use the Tottenham vs Bournemouth fixture, for the next example, where the home side is a heavy favourite.

0 Asian Handicap is the same type of bet as Draw No Bet, so if you were to bet Tottenham 0, you would win if the home side triumphs, get your stake refunded if the match ended with a tie and lose if the visitors won the match.

-0.5 Asian Handicap represents a victory for the picked side. Tottenham -0.5 AH is the same as betting Tottenham to succeed in the 1X2 line.

+0.5 Asian Handicap is a Double Chance bet: If you wager on Bournemouth +0.5, you have actually placed an X2 bet, so your ticket would be won if the away team wouldn’t lose the match.

-1.5 Asian Handicap is the equivalent of -1 European Handicap, while -2.5 AH would correspond to -2 European and so on. If you were to place a Tottenham -1.5 Asian Handicap bet, you would win only if the home side wins with at least a two-goal margin.

-1 Asian Handicap serves as a refundable bet. This one is the first of the lot, which is a bit different from the rest. When backing Tottenham -1 AH you will require the home side to win by two or more goals in order for the bet to win, but if the home side wins by just a one-goal margin you will get your money back and of course, if the result is a tie or Tottenham lose you also lose the bet.

Get accustomed to these AH types and when you’ve mastered them move on to the next ones (which might confuse you at first).

-0.25 / +0.25 AH and -0.75 / +0.75 AH are Split Asian Handicaps. These are basically two separate AH bets combined into one. Your stake will be virtually split in half, and each part will be placed on a different type of bet.

When wagering £10 on Tottenham -0.25 AH, you are actually betting £5 on Tottenham 0 AH and the other £5 on Tottenham -0.5 AH.

When wagering on Bournemouth +1.75 AH, you are in fact placing these two bets: Bournemouth +1.50 with a half stake and Bournemouth +2 AH with the other half of the stake.

To quickly figure out what are the actual bets behind a Quarter Asian Handicaps subtract 0.25 units from the chosen AH and put that down on a piece of paper and then do the opposite, add 0.25 units to the initial wager to find out the second bet.

The Asian Goal Line, Asian Over Under or Asian Total Goals work the same way. Over 2 goals AH will be a winner if 3 or more goals are scored, while 2 goals scored will refund your stake and anything less will result in a loss. Over 2.25 goals AH represents a half stake bet on Over 2.0 goals AH and the other half of the stake on Over 2.5 goals AH etc.

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Difference Between Asian Handicap And European Handicap

Difference Between Asian Handicap And European Handicap

European Handicap bets are three-way bets and thus provide three options: home win, draw and away win, unlike Asian Handicaps that only come with two options: home or away, under or over etc.

Whole number handicaps, like -1, -2, -3 etc. can easily be mistaken for one another, but they are in fact completely different bets: Your stake will be refunded when betting -1 AH on a team that wins by exactly one goal difference, whereas your -1 EH bet would be lost in the same scenario.

Hint: Although -1.5 AH is the same bet as -1 EH, check out both lines before betting as one of them might be available at the same bookie for a better price.

Handicaps have made betting much more flexible and give you a chance to either increase or decrease the odds and the risk when betting. Also, handicap betting can be pretty useful when employing cautious strategies.

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How To Protect Yourself From Betting Scams

How To Protect Yourself From Betting ScamsYou’ve certainly stumbled upon those services that promise you the moon if you regularly follow the world of online sports betting. Unfortunately, thousands of punters end up hustled every year by these modern betting fraudsters, some of which are very efficient scam artists that use slick sales tactics to determine you to hand over the money.

They claim to make you a lot of money and persuade you into buying tips, subscriptions or software that promises to accurately predict many sporting results or horse races using fake testimonials and deceitful proofs, such as screenshots, pictures, videos, websites/social media pages with fake results and so on. Some scammers will even say that they have inside info about fixed matches and can go as far as claiming to be the relative of an athlete.

Then we have those high-stakes scammers who call themselves “professional handicappers”. Some of these guys have their own TV show… Others just bribed tens or hundreds of journalists to publish delusional stories about them in the media. Hold on for a second and realise that all that bribe and false marketing money has to be funded by someone, so make sure you’re won’t become one of the contributors.

In reality, nobody can guarantee that you can make a profit from betting on sports and secondly, match-fixers or those involved in such crimes never give away information like that. Anytime you happen to be involved in such conversations just stop for a second and realise that everything you’ve seen or heard is just a bunch of lies, as good as they might sound. Keep this in mind for those moments when you will be approached by people working for such services:

  • Never trust e-mails coming from sources you haven’t subscribed for
  • Hang up calls when somebody is trying to sell you sports tips, software or investment opportunities
  • Don’t trust anyone after receiving a few winning picks in a row; you might be a victim of a split e-mail scam or another type of trickery
  • Ignore betting sites or individuals who claim to have anything to do with fixed matches
  • Never pay anyone online for such services or information, stick to the proven tipsters with history that provide tips for free on reputable platforms if you need inspiration

You might have asked yourself how to cheat the bookies. Well, these days it’s impossible; hence you shouldn’t even bother to think about it. iGaming giants invest as much as banks if not more, to have the most advanced state of the art security systems in place.

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Stay Away From Fixed Matches

Stay Away From Fixed MatchesIf you are thinking about how to get fixed matches online, you’re on your way to get scammed. Beware of those selling fixed matches! There are loads of betting fraud schemes that work today, but we will avoid revealing those methods not to inspire others to jump on the bandwagon.

Sadly, fixed matches are real, but those vendors on the internet who claim to have such information are nothing more than scammers. We’ve got a lot of match-fixing in football, tennis, snooker, eSports and pretty much any other sport or competition we can bet on, but match-fixers, athletes and all those who are involved in such things will never spread out the word, as these practices are illegal in every country and a single whistler could send dozens of people to jail and maybe even lose their family or their own lives.

There’s no way somebody would risk their career, freedom and life selling priceless information to strangers on Facebook. Things don’t work that way in real life. But many people fall victim to this type of scam through greed. Remember: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Next time you see phrases like fixed match for today, fixed matches 100% free, legit fixed matches, real fixed matches seller etc. just move one and never look back. Just another thing to conclude: There is no such thing as verified sellers for fixed matches; otherwise, they would end up in prison, yet naive people are still looking for them…

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How To Avoid The Most Common Sports Betting Mistakes

How To Avoid The Most Common Sports Betting MistakesMistakes will cost you money, so make sure you won’t repeat them too often. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to improve. Everybody makes mistakes, but those who learn from them are usually successful sports bettors. Try to apply the following advice regardless of your sports betting experience to improve your chances of succeeding in this realm.

Chasing Losses – After losing a few consecutive bets, something is telling you that your luck has to turn around and that you are now more likely to win the next bet. This mistaken belief, called the Gambler’s Fallacy, has been the downfall of many bettors. Most punters who find themselves in this situation are tempted to increase the stake for their next bet and usually end up doing so until they run out of money.

Let’s take an example to clarify why this belief is false: If we flip a regular coin 100 times, we should get roughly 50 heads and 50 tails. This means either result has a probability of exactly 50%. If you toss a coin 10 times and it lands each time on heads, the chances will remain the same the 11th time you flip it, namely 50-50.

How to recover from a significant gambling loss then, you may ask? Well, the key to success is to stay in control. Stick to your money management plan and take a break if you find it hard to accept gambling losses. Just get your head of it somehow and come back tomorrow when the heat is gone. Don't chase your losses. Otherwise, you’ll end up bankrupt in no time!

Betting on events, you know too little about – Being lazy can be harmful to your pocket, especially if you’re a punter. As much as it is fine to read various betting predictions to collect information when analysing a match, letting others do all the work is not a good idea. You need to be in control of your fortunes and have your way of establishing the tips you will wager on. Otherwise, you won’t ever be able to improve your results.

Rookies believe they can cover several sports and leagues successfully, yet they never end up making a profit at the end of the month. Be smart and focus only on a few leagues – as many as you can adequately monitor at the same time. You really have to know them inside out: follow all the players on social media, the fan clubs, forums, groups, the press etc. and try to stay one step ahead of the bookies. Take note: specialisation is one of the sports betting secrets!

Always be patient, wait for the right opportunities to wager and bet based on relevant information. Never place a bet just to make the matches you are following more exciting If you want to improve your long term results!

Wagering random stakes – Most bettors have no idea what their next stake will be. You need to strictly follow a money management strategy if you are serious about trying to make a profit from betting. Otherwise, all your hard work will go to waste in the long run.

The best money management on even bets would be to wager a small percentage of your initial bankroll on every single bet. What percentage of your bankroll should you bet? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Pro’s wager between 1% and 5% on each (single) bet. The higher percentage you select, the more risky and profitable the approach will be. Be cautious at first, start with let’s say 2% and then move from there – This way you can survive a streak of 49 losing bets!

Kelly Criterion is another popular strategy amongst betting professionals, but this one is a lot riskier, and you will need a lot of betting experience before you can profit from it.

Having unrealistic expectations – Everybody thinks they can be successful at betting when they are just starting out. Although it is common knowledge that more than 90% of punters lose, beginners tend to believe they will be part of that 10 % (or even less). Just because you saw several big wins in the media doesn’t mean that everyone will be lucky enough at some point in time and win tens of thousands of pounds. This doesn’t happen as often as bookies might want to make you think! Remember: bookies weren’t built on winners!

Then we have the group of punters who expect to triple their bankroll each and every day. If you happen to fall in this category, I want to ask you if you have any idea how much money do professional gamblers make. Okay, listen carefully: the top tipsters in the industry manage a profit of just about 5% on each integral bankroll rollover in the long run. In other words, if their budget is £10.000, they will make a profit of roughly £500 after wagering £10.000. And remember that we’re talking about the best of the best.

Most of the pros are aiming to place their money on even bets or better, as they are generally more likely to find value on underdogs (we'll discuss value betting later on in this guide). You will require just a 50% sports betting percentage to break even if you wager on average odds of 2.00. So if you can hit 51 out of 100 predictions at those odds, you´re making money in the long run. Some pros live on 2%, so don’t despair if you can’t reach the 5% margin.

Adding too many selections to your bet slip – It is mathematically impossible to make a profit from betting on the long run if you play accumulator bets. Each bookie sets a pay-out for every single betting line. If you were to convert odds into probabilities, you would quickly discover that by adding the possible results from a market, you’ll end up with a total of more than 100%.

Let´s take an example: Liverpool vs Man Utd – 1X2 odds: 2.80, 3.30 & 2.80. That would be 35.7%, 30.3% & 35.7%. Sum that up, and you will get 101.7%. That 1.7% is the bookie’s margin on this particular line. Now let’s check the Both teams to score market with the same bookmaker: 1.75 & 2.20. On this market, we have a 2.6% margin. These are profitable bet examples, but in reality, pay-outs are lower than 90% in various markets at different bookies.

Why did I tell you all this? Just to let you know that the house margin multiplies with every selection added on a bet slip. So if you are getting 5% lower odds than you should for a single bet, when you place a double, you are losing 25% and so on. This is the reason why you should stay away from accas, teasers or parlays as they are called, as long as you are looking to obtain a profit from sports betting in the long run.

Cashing out without a proper plan – Cash out facilities seem pretty useful nowadays: you can secure a profit or reduce the losses before a match has finished or before it has even begun (in case of an acca bet). The possibility to close the bet without having to invest more money in a live bet to cover the initial wager can be alluring, especially for old bettors who had to do it the hard way before not too long ago.

But those days are gone: cashing out is now done just by pressing a button – exactly as they advertise it. But why would bookies implement a function that helps bettors save money, thus reducing their profits? Well, when a punter cashes out, he is actually paying the bookie’s margin a second time for the same bet. This is the reason why there are so many cash out betting sites these days.

The second issue there is with the function is that cash out can be addictive. Once you start using it, you might be very tempted to use it every time, thus reducing your winnings continually and decreasing your chances to achieve a profit ultimately.

Now, this function can be useful sometimes, but only if you are following a clever cash out strategy. You have to know exactly when to cash out before the corresponding fixture has even started. In other words, you need to follow a pattern-making sure at the same time that you aren’t sabotaging yourself while doing it.

Limiting yourself to only one bookmaker – Stop trying to find the #1 bookie because there’s no such thing as the perfect bookmaker. Instead, register with as many top bookmakers you can. Any professional punter uses odds comparison tools before placing a bet. You know that different bookies offer different odds for the same events and markets (we’ve already explained why odds change).

Do you realise that having accounts opened with 10 top bookies will give you the possibility to wager on the best betting odds on the market every single time? Maybe the 1-3% gain per bet doesn’t seem too important to you at first, but if you do the math, you might find that this could make the difference between losing money and making a profit at the end of the month. On top of that, if you signup with multiple bookies you will have access to all kinds of markets, so you won’t ever end up short of options again. Start by giving these a good look:,,,, and this bookie.


How To Check Bet Slip Online

How To Check Bet Slip Online

Many of you guys are asking ‘Can you cash out a paper bet slip?’ Yes, you can! In this betting guide, we’ll show you what you have to do to check your bet slip online. Winning bet slip or not, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you’ve got the Betslip ID or Cash Out Code you should be good to go.

Being able to check your bet slip online always comes in handy, and bookies know that, so they’ve come up with a way of letting punters check the outcome and confirm their bets via the internet. But wait till you see the many other innovative features…

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How To Bet Online

How To Choose An Online Bookmaker

How To Choose An Online BookmakerHave you ever read the national gambling regulations? Do you know if you are authorised to bet with a specific bookie or not? First, check out the gaming law. You don’t have to go down to read the whole history of gambling in the UK or your respective country of residence, but you are bound to know where you can bet legally online before registering an account. Find the licensed bookies first to know what your options are and go from there.

We already told you why limiting yourself to only one bookmaker isn’t a good idea, so when investigating options, always take notes and put together a shortlist. Ask yourself what are the most common sports, leagues and markets you bet on. Then compare the bookie’s offers and discover where the pay-outs are generally higher for the markets you are interested in.

If you happen to bet on leagues or events that are not very popular, you may find that the bookie’s limits for those fixtures are too low for your budget. As a general rule of the thumb, the more popular the event is, the higher the bookie’s limits will be. Bookmakers will cap how much you can wager to stop users from applying Martingale and other progressive strategies, to prevent money laundering and to avoid silly bets on fixed matches. Italian water polo is on top of your list? Make sure you check the limits on these markets before committing to anything!

Betting with high limits? Open your account and start wagering like a pro!

There are only a few bookies that don’t limit winners. However, most of them will seek out the profitable punters to restrict their accounts and do their best to retain the constant losers to increase their profits. A way you can get around limitations is to be with more bookies at the same time or to register with internet betting exchange operators.

If you don’t want to be bothered by limits, your only option is to look for betting exchange sites. Back in the day sports betting exchange would provide you excellent odds and tons of arbing opportunities, but today, with all the 3rd party apps and traders out there, finding favourable circumstances has become a much tougher job. Nowadays, betting exchange vs bookmaker has become a close contest in terms of odds (return after deducting commission), leaving you with some other main advantages, such as the possibility to sell odds and bet against a Correct Score for example and the ability to bet as much as you want, without ever being limited by the platform.

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Although signup bonuses won’t help you too much on the long run, you can always benefit from other types of betting promotions, such as free bets, enhanced odds, accumulator bonus, acca insurance etc. Some of the available promotions might help you reduce the house edge, so they are worth checking out, but the best free bets should not represent a key criterion when choosing a bookmaker – as much as they can help you, be sure to research all the aspects before taking a decision.

Don’t forget to analyse other aspects such as live betting, cash out, live streaming, accepted payment methods, customer support response time etc. The key point here is to think about everything you might be interested in and evaluate the different bookies available in your territory.

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How To Place An Online Bet / First Online Bet

Online sports gambling is legal in the UK as it is in most European countries (for those who have reached the age of 18). Every punter has to check their local laws before registering with a bookie. We recommend Coral, William Hill, Bet365, 888 Sport, Ladbrokes, Unibet and Betfair for UK residents.

register online betting account

After deciding on a bookmaker to start with, it’s time to register a new account. Click the “Join Now”, “Sign Up” or “Join Today” button and fill in the requested information (exactly as it appears in your ID Card or Passport). Make sure you enter a valid phone number and e-mail address. Otherwise, you might not be able to validate your account.

online betting deposit methods

The next step is to deposit funds into the newly created account. Bookies accept different deposit options, which go from debit or credit cards to cash payments. Cards are the most prevalent accepted form of payment in the iGaming industry, but E-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal are also very popular. There is no right or wrong betting deposit method: compare if there are any commissions involved and choose whatever is more convenient to you.

online betting first bet slip

After depositing, feel free to browse around or search directly for leagues, cups, tournaments or sporting events you plan to bet on. To access all the betting markets available for a specific event, you will have to either click on the fixture’s name or on the plus symbol which is next to a number (that represents the count of the betting options available for that event). When you’ve decided on the first bet you want to place, just click on the respective odds and enter the desired stake. All there is left to do is to confirm the bet and hope for the best!

online betting withdrawals

Withdrawals work mostly the same as deposits. You will be allowed to withdraw using the same method using to deposit, with some exceptions, but generally, you can choose to withdraw funds to your bank account regardless of the way you previously deposited. Withdrawal process times vary from a method to another, and they could also be influenced by your current bank (when choosing credit/debit card or wire transfer).

Where did most punters start to bet online? Find out now!


How To Open A Bet365 Account In 2019

How To Open A Bet365 Account

Find out how to register with Bet365, perform the mandatory account verification, deposit funds, claim the welcome bonus and withdraw your winnings.

We’re talking about the coolest online betting site in the world, so it’s only natural that some of you punters might be wondering how does Bet365 work.

Our Bet365 guide will help you find out if your prefered deposit method is available, and how long the processing time is. But you’ll need the verification process completed before even thinking about funding your account and withdrawing your winnings.

We’ll also mention the latest Bet365 promotions, although these may vary depending on your country of residence…

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Low Deposit Betting Sites

Low Deposit Betting Sites

Seeking the smallest minimum deposit betting site out there?

Spot on! We’ve got excellent news for you…

Low stakes betting does not make one have to register with mediocre bookmakers!

Although it’s true that no minimum deposit betting sites don’t have a place in today’s online betting world elite, especially if we’re talking about reputable regulated bookmakers, if you’re looking for an exciting online sportsbook or online casino where you can have fun with a fiver, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll also learn which are the zero fees payment methods for small transactions.

Stay away from betting sites that let you deposit less than £5 though…

Keep reading, and you’ll find out why!

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How To Decide Whether To Take A Bookmaker Sign Up Bonus Or Not

How To Decide Whether To Take A Bookmaker Sign Up Bonus Or NotBookies sign up offers might be tempting at first, but after reading between the lines, you might start questioning if they’re really worth the effort. We’re not talking about free bet no deposit offers: those are a no brainer. A 100% deposit bonus will double your initial deposit, and that’s usually enough to convince most beginners to apply even without reading the terms & conditions. Offers can sometimes prove to be very helpful, but there will be occasions when you are better off without claiming them.

Each deposit bonus comes with rollover requirements, meaning that you have to wager a certain amount of money (from x3 up to x40 the value of the bonus money) within a reasonable timeframe (30-90 days) at a set minimum odds (as little as 1.40 or as much as 2.50 minimum odds) before you are allowed to withdraw any funds from your account. The bookmaker might also choose to exclude some betting markets from these types of offers.

How to turn bonus bets into cash? Well, first figure out if you betting style emulates those conditions in terms of the minimum odds, betting markets allowed and if you have enough time to perform the wagering requirements without increasing the stakes or the number of bets you commonly place. Don’t be afraid to go ahead if only slight adjustments are required, as they should not affect your overall efficiency.

The best way to fulfil the rollover requirements and convert the bonus or free bet money into cash is to stop thinking about it and proceed with betting as per usual. However, if you are forced to drastically change your strategy to claim the funds, you might be better off without the offer.

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How To Avoid Having Your Online Betting Account Limited Or Closed

How To Avoid Having Your Online Betting Account Limited Or ClosedIf you happen to be a successful punter, the chances are the bookies will soon limit you. Have you ever wondered how to stop bookies from limiting your account? Well, there are a few things you could do to decrease the chance of your account becoming flagged and eventually limited:

  • Register with all bookies that provide decent odds place your bets alternatively with all of them
  • Place silly bets occasionally on every account, such as an 8 fold acca on one of the most popular competitions on the planet and or some goal scorer bets
  • Try to wager on underdogs mostly on the exchange markets and stake on the favourites with the bookies
  • Avoid betting precise amounts, such as £87.54 or £117, to stay clear of arbing filters and use rounded values, such as £30, £50, £150 etc.
  • Split your stake across multiple bookmakers when you plan to place a strange bet on high odds
  • Don’t always bet on the best betting odds available on the market
  • Rest winning accounts and try to place the riskiest best with them to reduce the individual profit

Remember that online bookmaking is a billion pounds business. Many have been banned from the bookies for winning too much, but some happen to get into such situations because of other things. Now we’re going to give you a few bits of advice on how to prevent your account being closed:

  • Avoid backing dodgy selections that might be suspected of match-fixing, events that generate a lot more interest than they should or matches with drastic dropping odds
  • Make your bonus hunting look less obvious and don’t just hit and run because you might find a dead end sooner than you thought
  • Do not try to take advantage of exploits or live betting delays
  • Avoid using public computers or public internet connections when betting, as they might already be flagged, and as a result, you will get drawn into an issue for nothing
  • Place your bets during rush hours and avoid patters (such as wagering daily at roughly 08:30 AM) that might separate you from the crowd
  • Don’t sign in to your account every morning to let the bookies know you’re ready to roll – use a different IP address to check odds (mobile data internet) or just use comparison tools

Pinnacle & Sbobet are the only known no limit bookmakers, but they had left the UK market before the new gambling laws came into effect at the beginning of 2015. If you find yourself in a delicate position, consider wagering on Betting Exchange platforms, such as Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq or Smarkets. Does Betfair ban winners? You may ask: The Sportsbook might limit winners, but the Exchange will allow you to bet as much as the market will enable you to, as there is no other limit.

Betting with high limits? Open your account and start wagering like a pro!


Bitcoin Sports Betting (How To Bet With Bitcoin On Sports)

Bitcoin Betting UK How To Bet With-Bitcoin On Sports

What if punters could benefit from instantaneous money transfers, lower fees and complete anonymity? If I were to tell you that this already exists, how would you react to that?

Bitcoin has rattled many industries already, and the betting world makes no exception. Bitcoin sports betting has already drawn the attention of punters from all around the world due to its suitability for online gambling, despite still being in its infancy. But knowing which Bitcoin betting sites can be trusted can be tricky…

Fortunately, we've put together a guide that features the best Bitcoin sportsbook we’ve used as of today, teaching you how to everything you need to know about crypto sportsbooks, from creating and funding your bitcoin wallet to placing your first Bitcoin wager and withdrawing your winnings.

We’ll get you started with the crypto sportsbook realm straight away – See Full Article

We've also put together a Crypto Casino guide


How To Bet With Paysafecard

Paysafecard Betting Sites How To Bet With Paysafecard

This guide will show you exactly how to use Paysafecard, the innovative prepaid deposit method that has been widely adopted in the UK gambling industry. You’ll see how easy and convenient it is to deposit funds into your online betting account with zero fees and without having to disclose any sensitive bank details. At the same time, you won’t be leaving any trace on your bank statement.

But that’s not all!

Today we’re looking at the essential bits you’ll want to know before betting online using Paysafecard. This post should hopefully answer all your questions. Our betting guide also includes some of the best online betting sites that accept Paysafe.

Learn how to top up your betting account with Paysafecard and discover the top online bookmakers that accept Paysafe – See Full Article


How To Bet With PayPal

Paypal Betting Sites How To Bet With Paypal

PayPal is a good payment option for punters because it’s safe. Through PayPal, you can bet online without revealing your debit or credit card details to the bookies. And the good news is that you can withdraw funds to your credit card or bank account without having to worry about having betting companies show on your bank statement. The PayPal mobile API is fully integrated mobile payments at online bookmakers as expected, so transferring money on mobile devices is easy.

Do any betting sites accept PayPal? Yes, they do!

So let’s get you up and running…

A betting guide that shows you how to use PayPal for online betting – See Full Article


How To Bet Online From Abroad

How To Bet Online From Abroad

In this betting guide we’re going to show you can bet online either by accessing your favourite UK betting sites or by registering with the best online bookies that are available for residents of the respective country.

If you tried to sign in to your online betting account from abroad, you might have encountered problems, and that is due to the recent regulation changes that took place in various nations around the world. We’ll show even how you can bet from the USA, so stop worrying because you won’t be forced into abstinence…

Learn How To Bet Online From Abroad: British Expats Guide – See Full Article


Best Betting Apps For Android

Best Betting Apps For Android

Today, all bookies have a mobile app, yet most apps are no different from one another. The unique app features are what punters are really interested in. So we’re going to introduce you to the crème de la crème online betting apps we’ve discovered. Good news is that all of them are available for download on Android, and we’ll guide you through installing them safely on your smartphone or tablet.

When we’ve reviewed the betting apps featured in this post, we’ve primarily investigated betting on sports, but punters aren’t just looking for the best football betting app…

Some UK gambling fanatics also fancy horse racing apps, casino apps, poker apps and whatnot. You’ll learn that some betting apps aren’t available to download on Google Play Store, but don’t despair: There is always a way!

Best Betting Apps For Android – See Full Article


Sports Betting Strategies

How To Choose A Money Management Routine

How To Choose A Money Management RoutineOne of the tricks to beat the bookies is to choose a suitable money management strategy and stick to it even during the most hardened losing streaks. No matter how good you are when it comes to predicting the outcome of sporting events, if you aren’t following a wise staking plan, you will end up losing in the long run. Forget Martingale and Fibonacci; those progressive systems will always drive you to bankruptcy sooner or later.

Choose the money management strategy the better suits your style and budget. Feel free to test the three methods described above and see for yourself what works best for you. Remember, you won’t be able to draw any conclusions unless you have thousands of samples to work with. Be patient, take it step by step and firstly focus on reducing your losses. Only when you have reached a decent balance after a few months should you bother to try and improve your decision-making process to optimise winnings.

Discover the best money management strategies – See Full Article


How To Overcome Gambler’s Fallacy / A Losing Streak

How To Overcome Gambler’s Fallacy / A Losing StreakSuccessful sports bettors aren’t as different from regular punters as you might think. They might not be better than you currently are when it comes to picking winners, but they do manage to land profits due to their dedication and discipline. The reality is that even the best punters in the world will hit losing streaks from time to time – it’s just part of the game, and you must learn to live with it if you want to come out on top.

Chasing losses by raising the stakes after a bad run is probably the most common mistake in sports betting. Most bettors end un bankrupt because they believe that bad luck can’t stay with them much longer and their mind is tricked into believing that their chances of winning the next bet are getting bigger after each loss (this false belief is known as The Gambler’s Fallacy or Monte Carlo Fallacy). In fact, the chances to win the next bet are the same regardless of what happened before.

Gambler’s Fallacy example: You’ve noticed that Manchester City have only just set a club record of 28 games without a draw and decided to bet that their next match would end in a draw. You lose the bet and then repeat it on the next fixture and so on. After losing 5 bets, you are sure that victory is just around the corner, so you raise the stakes, but your bets keep losing and soon you end up bankrupt. Lesson: you can neither know when bad luck is going to hit nor when it goes away.

Accept that losing streaks will happen and understand that the effects of bad luck in sports betting won’t affect your finances in the long run as long as you stick to a proper money management routine. Of course, it is easier said than done. It will be hard for you to stay mentally focused and free of concern when your recent poor results are starting to have a noticeable impact on your bankroll unless you are an experienced bettor. So, what can you do about it?

Don’t let the pressure build-up, take a break, go out, do something else, play a game or do anything that can get your mind off sports betting. When your nerves have calmed down, analyse your betting history and try to see where you’ve gone wrong; however, if you’re doing things right and you can’t spot any mistakes, keep going forward without questioning your skills or feeling discouraged.

Now, for the last step of your recovery process, you have to win the mental game before placing any bets. All your hard work could go to waste if you are making decisions without the right mindset, so don’t let frustration get the better of you.

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How To Bet Like A Pro

How To Bet Like A ProBetting like a pro is easier said than done. We’re going to provide guidelines and recommendations to help you start out, but in the end, it will be all up to you. Any professional punter must have these qualities to stand a chance of being successful in the long run: dedication, discipline and the ability to find value.

Strictly comply with the chosen money management strategy. There aren’t a lot of professional punting strategies. Most pro punters use the plain fixed percentage of the initial bankroll as their foundation. If you feel you have a keen eye for spotting value, you could try to employ the Kelly Criterion. Use either of the two gives you more satisfaction; also make sure you never chase losses. Learn to cope with bad runs because there’s no way you can avoid them. Everyone has them so get prepared because you will too! Shape your mentality in order not to take too much notice of either a good run or a bad run.

Bet on singles and avoid backing the favourite too often. Accumulator bets have diminished value and therefore, should be avoided at all cost. Remember, professional punter tips rely on value, so playing singles is the way to go, but remember that bookies often provide lower value on favourites. You should be backing the underdog or the less likely outcome most of the times.

Register with top bookies and betting exchange operators. There’s no way you can beat the house edge if you place all your bets with one bookmaker. Always look for the best odds on the market and demand the prices you are satisfied with on betting exchange platforms.

Spend enough time analysing each bet and never blindly copy other punters’ tips. Anyone who can spot value early and is mentally strong should be able to profit from sports betting – this is what professional gamblers stories thought us. Never place a bet before you are 100% convinced you have enough information to place a wise wager. Ideally, you’d want to specialise in a few leagues (team sports) or following a few athletes (individual sports) to develop proper know-how in those sectors. It may take hours, days or weeks before that happens, or it may never come in some cases; feel free to skip fixtures that don’t seem to put you in that state of certainty, no matter how much you study them. Find your way of mixing stats and news to come up with a kind of pattern and never rely on other people’s knowledge.

Set realistic expectations. The goals you set can help you stay focused or contribute to your downfall. You don’t want extra pressure in sports betting – there is a lot of it anyway – so why would you want to set high expectations to frustrate yourself even more? Even the best pro punters are happy with a 5% ROI. If you want to get rich overnight, go and play the lottery!

Sports betting for a living isn’t as easy or glamorous as many may think. It’s all about hard work and discipline. Plus, you won’t find as much excitement when you start betting full time as you did when you wagered for the hype. At the end of the day, you’ll realise that it’s more about finding out if you would really like to live that kind of life and less about knowing how to become a professional punter.



When To Cash Out Bets

When To Cash Out BetsAlways wondering when to cash out? This is not good. Closing your bets randomly can put a dent in your budget. You really need a cash-out strategy if you are a fan of the feature. But first, ask yourself why the bookies introduced this feature, to help you win, thus reducing their profits? The cash-out tool can only be useful in two situations: when a pro punter wants to cover their bet but lacks the funds to place the opposite bet or when he doesn’t have enough time to do it manually. If you are an acca bettor, it can be a slightly different story, but you have to place singles if you are serious about betting.

Cashing out the old fashioned way is better because you get to choose with that bookie or betting exchange platform to place the cover bet, therefore resulting in better odds and higher winnings. Anyway, cashing out your bets or a regular basis will only make it more difficult for your to land a profit, because you are actually paying the bookies’ margin twice, so instead of losing let’s say 5% on a bet, you are losing 10% and at that point value should be gone in most cases.

If you often place accumulator bets, you might be tempted to use this feature quite often and even end up addicted. If you do want to use this tool, first establish a plan to make sure that you react the same way every time. Check out your betting history and try to see where it paid off. Follow a pattern, not your gut feelings.

Note that cash out rules vary from one bookie to another, so do yourself a favour and check out the terms in advance to avoid costly mistakes. If you don’t want to spend time mastering the cash-out feature just pretend it doesn’t exist.

The bottom line is that there is no best time to cash out, and by using the feature, you are helping the bookies double their profits. You will be better off in the long run if you stay away from this tool!

Discover The Best Cash-Out Sites – See Full Article


Popular Betting Exchange Strategies

Popular Betting Exchange StrategiesMaking a living on Betfair is not just an exciting thought, but something that many achieved. Although trading horses is widely popular, there are lots of punters trading football for a living. Let’s have a look at some Betfair strategies that work:

Under 2.5 Goals Quick Trade – Find matches where the price for the Under 2.5 goals stands between 1.70 and 1.90 and back it. Then immediately lay odds lower with .05 and wait for them to get matched – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. If a goal happens to be scored before your lay price is achieved, you have the option to cash out to reduce the losses or wait a bit more before you can break even.

Lay The Draw – This one is pretty straightforward: you have to pick a fixture where both squads have odds bigger than two for the win. Follow the match after kick-off and wait 15 to 20 minutes before laying the draw (unless a goal has been scored, in which case you will skip the event). Afterwards, wait for the first goal to get in and back the draw at the new price.

Correct Score Predictions – There are many correct score trading strategies, but we’ll just use an example to let you in on how they work. First, you have to find a fixture which has a strong chance of both teams scoring, as you will initially back the final score 2-1 or 1-2, depending on where the favourite is playing: home or away. You’ll wait for the first goal to be scored and then lay the same score you backed to cash out. Of course, if you want, you can wait for the second goal to get more out of your trade, but that’s entirely up to you.

Over 1.5 goals In-Play – Look for games that are very likely to end up with 3 or more goals and then wait till the first 40 minutes have gone past. If the scoreline is 0-0, back the Over 1.5 goals market at odds around 2.00, afterwards, you will trade it after the first goal is scored, usually at odds around 1.50. In normal circumstances, you will end up with a consistent profit, and you will only require a (first) goal to be scored between the 41st and 75th minute, which is very likely to happen if you picked the right type of fixture.

Remember to always test out any systems with low stakes before going all in. You will encounter various situations whilst experimenting, and those experiences will teach you how to devise the final plan. There are many worthwhile football trading strategies, but it’s entirely up to you to find those that suit you better.

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How To Bet Where The Value Is

How To Bet Where The Value IsValue Betting is all about finding an edge on the odds offered by the bookmaker or another punter on betting exchange websites. The idea is that some punters might be able to profit from sports betting in the long run if they always bet where the value is, as long as they follow a proper money management strategy. Although the concept might be difficult to understand at first, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

Let’s take a coin toss example: we’ve got two possible outcomes, heads and tails. Knowing that the chance of the coin landing on each side is 50%, the correct odds for either outcome should be 2.00. But bookies retain a commission, so in reality, we’d most likely get odds of 1.90 for either outcome. On top of that, bookmakers are very good at setting odds for sporting events. So, finding odds that are better than what they should be is a challenging task. If it were easy, bookmakers would cease to exist.

To understand how to discover value practically, first you have to know how to calculate it. You need no value bet calculator, just do this simple math: [(Decimal Estimated Probability * Decimal Odds) – 1] * 100

Let’s consider a value bet football case to make it easier to understand. Chelsea vs Watford: You believe the visitors have a 20% implied probability of winning the match (equivalent to odds of 5.00) and you notice that the bookie’s price for their win is standing at 6.67 (the equivalent of 15% probability).

Let’s calculate the value: (0.2 X 6.67) – 1 = 33% value on this bet if we correctly estimated the real probability of that particular outcome. I gave this example also to clarify another key aspect: value is neither linked to the favourite, nor the most likely outcome, but more often to the underdog. This is due to the strategies employed by bookies, who know that cash flows easily on favourites and do not want to let the average bettor have any chance of profiting in the long run. Of course, there are exceptions…

Now that you understand the concept used by the pros, you may be wondering how to identify value bets. The easy way would be to go online and search a value bets finder website or value bet app, but if you are serious about it, you should find your own way of spotting value.

The key here is to find a way of setting your own odds and automate it in some way so it can be tested in the long run and adjusted accordingly. Don’t look at the odds offered by the bookies before analysing a fixture and deciding on probabilities. Practise this way, and you will soon figure out where to go from there.

Pros say value betting tips can more often be found in lower league matches and less known sports and competitions. Also, make sure you keep an eye on various betting types when seeking value – you’ll never know where value is hiding!

Remember that developing this kind of skill takes time, hard work and a lot of patience. If you don’t feel you have what it takes, stick to betting for the hype; after all, that’s where the fun is!

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How To Bet Parlays

A parlay, accumulator – acca, teaser or combo bet is a betting slip with multiple selections. The best way to bet parlays is to avoid them, but the reality is that most casual bettors are always looking for the best parlay bets available this week. Why are they so attractive? It’s simple: most punters are driven by greed. They want to take the easy path to success, but we all know there’s no such thing, right?

Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into thinking that luck will eventually hit on you and help you recover all the losses, even if you may often see parlays winning on social media. We’ve already explained why parlays can’t be profitable in the long run (they don’t pay out anywhere near the true odds of your wagers), so we won’t be diving into that again. Instead, we’ll give you a few tips to make your habit less costly:

  • Employ an efficient money management strategy – Still looking for a winning parlay system? Listen to this: divide your bank by the number of days the next month will have (28/29/30/31), and you’ll be able to use the sports betting budget to place a bet every day.
  • Back shorter, more realistic odds – Don’t go for long shots and do not bet where the value is, but on the most probable outcome. You need all selections to win (unless you are playing a system) so you won’t be successful if you are going with the value betting approach.
  • Don’t add more than 3 or 4 selections on a betting slip – If you’d really know what your chances of success are when placing 6 fold parlays, you would probably never bet again. In most cases, we’re talking about less than 1%; hence you only win a few times per year. Stick to doubles or trebles most of the time if you want to win more often. Also, consider safer types of bets like Draw No Bet and the Asian Handicaps that allow room for stake refunds.
  • Consider 2/3 & 3/4 systems – Even if you aren’t satisfied by the lower potential winnings when playing a system, try to realise that you’ll feel much better if your 3/4 bet partially wins. Systems can help you cut losses and profit more from your knowledge if you come to think of it. You lose less money, win more often, and you don’t have to despair when the last match is a loser.
  • Don’t blindly wager on other people’s predictions. Never follow parlay picks provided by tipsters before personally tracking their daily results for at least a month. The idea of this should be for you to get better at analysing fixtures and have more fun when your acca wins. If you stalk tipsters on social media and wait for a miracle to happen, you’re always going to depend on their randomness, and you won’t ever improve.

Anyone saying parlays can be profitable is either working for the bookies, very inexperienced or just somebody trying who is trying to make their affiliates lose. Stop looking for football acca tips today and start developing your own method of scouting for excellent opportunities. Just remember that nobody can tell you how to win football accumulators, because it is really all up to you to experiment and find your way. We hope that you can prove us wrong by showing us your betting balance after placing at least 1000 bets. Good luck!

This is the best place to wager your acca bets


How To Easily Accomplish Bonus Rollover Requirements

How To Easily Accomplish Bonus Rollover RequirementsWhat is a rollover requirement on a Sportsbook? After claiming a sportsbook sign-up bonus, you will have to bet the bonus amount a few times on some bet types and at set minimum odds, within a time frame, before you can withdraw funds. To clear the bonus, you have to accomplish the wagering requirements. Sometimes you’ll find that the bookmaker rollover seems to be a walk in the park, but that won’t always be the case.

Because they differ so much from one bookie to another, I advise you to read the terms and conditions before accepting any offers. If you are still unsure about certain aspects regarding the sportsbook rollover requirements, feel free to contact support for clarification. Pay attention to details that could, in fact, have a massive impact on your fortunes, such as maximum bet size restrictions, asian handicap constraints, invalid sports or competitions, short time limits and other tricky rules.

Now, an easy way to clear a bonus would be to bet the same way you always do, without changing your style because of the rollover requirements. In fact, value bettors should have no problem with the bonus clearance, as they bet on even odds and bet regularly.

A widely popular sportsbook rollover strategy is called Matched Betting. The idea is to place a couple of bets with different bookmakers or betting exchange operators to make sure you brake even regardless of the final result. You’d place the original bet with the bookie that gave you the bonus and the opposite bet through betting exchange. Even if you lose, let’s say one or two per cent of the bonus with every bet you place, you’ll still end up clearing it with a fair amount of overall profit.

As easy as it might sound, things can go wrong if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing, so make sure you always double-check both bets before placing them. Also, check out the bookmaker rules for cancelled or suspended events as they can differ. Be aware of these tips to avoid costly mistakes!

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How To Win At Live Betting

How To Win At Live BettingLive betting is exciting but very risky at the same time. In-play betting has become so popular these days that you can even find live betting tips on Twitter. Essentially, we’re talking about a fast-paced environment where emotions often take charge and screw things up. Unfortunately, most punters don’t realise that they are going to lose unless they follow proven live betting strategies.

Let’s get down to business: How to win at live betting. Register with a few bookies that are offering quality live betting services, meaning that they accept live bets rapidly, quickly pay the winnings, don’t suspend the offer annoyingly often and provide the betting types you are interested in. Always bet where you can find better odds to improve your returns.

Follow the live streaming of the event you plan to bet on. Stats can be misleading, so you need to protect yourself from the danger of letting yourself carried away. If numbers could tell us the whole story, we’d have computer programs that would bankrupt the bookies.

The best way to bet in-play is to pretend you are placing a pre-match bet. The key is to stay away from the heat of the moment and take things seriously. Never wager on matches you know nothing about and maintain money management discipline at all times.

Do not cash out without a plan. You are doubling the bookies’ margin every time you cash out, so make sure you aren’t going to use it very often. Unless you have a strategy in place, don’t use the feature at all – you’ll be better off in the long run. Be advised: The cash out facility can become addictive!

Avoid long shots. Betting on highly unlikely events can be very tempting, due to the high odds that are being offered for backing them. As much as those wagers might seem to be worth a few pounds, in reality, they’re not. Even if you would make a profit from your serious live betting episodes, you’d waste it all on these long bets.

Never mix alcohol with live betting. This fatal combination can lead to bankruptcy in a matter of minutes. Stay away from betting when you are drunk, bored, depressed or on drugs. If you plan to go out with your mates to watch and get a few pints, make sure you place your bets in advance.

Test a live in-game betting strategy without using any money. Most live betting strategies seem easy to put into practice, but there might be a few things that you need to learn before being able to keep things under control. Don’t waste your money betting before you’ve seen how to odds are moving in the scenario you are looking for and take notes. If everything seems ok, then you can start with pocket money.

At the end of the day, the best live bets are those placed where the value is. The same principles apply as in pre-match betting, make sure you can control your emotions. Remember that live betting is a two-edged sword: you can deplete the bankroll as fast as you can double it!

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Which Betting Tipsters You Should Follow

Which Betting Tipsters You Should FollowEven if you might think that the best tipsters in football are those working for the bookies or the media, if you’d study their betting history you’ll be surprised to discover their overall lack of profitability.

Are you looking for the best tipsters on Facebook or best Twitter tipsters? Most tipsters are affiliated with bookies, so they will never make money unless their affiliates lose – you can easily figure out the rest. Consider reading this story on BBC if you want to find out more on the matter: The social media tipsters who win when you lose

Then we have the scam artists that claim to have inside information about fixed matches – they will show you everything you want to see before handing over cold hard cash: pictures, screenshots, videos, journals etc. Everything can be faked!

If it was so easy to follow tipsters and make steady profits bookies wouldn’t exist, so think twice before paying for access to a betting tips service. The only tipsters you should follow are those who you can easily research. It’s all about transparency. Tipsters that demonstrated their qualities on reputable public betting journal platforms are those you should be following because anything else can be faked.

You can recognise a tipster when you challenge him to discuss an actual prediction. You should be able to tell immediately if he seems to know what he’s doing or if he’s just a blagger. If he is 100% sure about something and believes that the game could only go one way no matter what, you’re definitely talking to a scammer.

Don’t be impressed by lofty hit rates or other stats that are taken out of context and remember that the best tipster site will not only disclose their full betting history. They'll instead emphasise on expressing their expertise in niche markets (lower league football or less popular sports), setting realistic expectations in the process.

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Halftime Fulltime Bet Explained

Halftime Fulltime Bet Explained

Even though Halftime/Fulltime betting market can be offered for a wide variety of sports events that can be split into at least two periods, football betting is leading the way of other sports like basketball, handball, rugby etc. This double bet is based on two standings, namely halftime and fulltime. Bear in mind that you’re going up against 8 alternative scenarios each time you place a wager on this market.

But wait till you see our fascinating HT/FT betting system…

We’ll introduce you to a peculiar halftime fulltime betting strategy, and we’ll show you a practical example to get you going. It’s time to roll up your sleeves!

Halftime Fulltime Bet Explained: Systems, Fixed Matches & Tips – See Full Article


How To Calculate

How To Convert Probability To Odds (and vice versa)

How To Convert Probability To Odds and vice versaKnowing how to convert to odds can be very helpful, especially if you are keen on becoming a value bet seeker.

Use the following formula to convert decimal odds into their implied probabilities: (1 / Decimal odds) * 100

Example: 1 / 2.00 * 100 = 50%

Use the following formula to convert implied probability into decimal odds: 100 / Implied Probability

Example: 100 / 50 = 2.00

Discover How Betting Odds Work: Formats, Probability, Movement & Conversions Explained – See Full Article


How To Calculate Betting Margins

How To Convert Probability To Odds and vice versaWhen you hear bookies’ marketing claims on high odds don’t just take their word for it. Calculate the payout on a two way market (such as Under/Over) using this formula:

[(1 / Decimal Odds #1 ) * 100 + (1 / Decimal Odds #2)] * 100

Example: Manchester United vs Tottenham: Over 2.5 goals @ 2.05, Under 2.5 goals @ 1.75

[(1 / 2.05 ) * 100 + (1 / 1.75) * 100] – 100 = 5.92%

If you want to calculate three way markets (such as 1X2) first convert the odds for all three possible outcomes into decimal probability (= 1 / odds). Then insert those values in the following formula:

[(1 / Decimal Odds #1) + (1 / Decimal Odds #2) + (1 / Decimal Odds #3) – 1] * 100

Example: Manchester United @ 2.17, The Draw @ 3.40 & Tottenham @ 3.40

[(1 / 2.17) + (1 / 3.40) + (1 / 3.40) – 1] = 4%

Bookmaking mathematics isn’t that hard after all, is it?

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How To Calculate ROI, Yield and Hit Rate

How To Calculate ROI, Yield and Hit Rate1. Return on Investment (ROI) or “rate of profit” can be a relevant performance indicator in sports betting only when it is accompanied by a reasonable time scale (like 6 months, 1 year etc.) or a large sample of bets (500, 1000 or more).

Use this formula to calculate ROI: (Profit or Loss / Starting Bankroll) X 100

Example: We’ll presume you started with a bankroll of 500 units and made a profit of 20 units during the first 6 months. Your ROI would be: (20 / 500) X 100 = 4%

2. Yield in sports betting is a profit to loss ratio that takes into account the rollover and not the starting bankroll (as ROI does). Most professional punters prefer this method to evaluate their performance.

Use this formula to calculate Yield: (Profit or Loss / Units Staked -1) X 100

Example: You have a deficit of 30 units after staking 1500 units. Your Yield is: (-30 / 1500 -1) X 100 = -2%

3. Hit Rate has no connection with the profitability of a tipster or with the quality of the predictions he is delivering. The lower the average backed odds are, the bigger the Winning Percentage must be for a bettor to break even.

Use this formula to calculate Hit Rate (Winning Percentage): Bets Won / Bets Placed X 100

Example: You won 75 out of 250 bets made. Your Winning Percentage is: 75 / 250 X 100 = 30%

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How To Calculate Betting Exchange Commission

How To Calculate Betting Exchange CommissionEvery time your bet is matched or won with a Sports Betting Exchange, you will have to pay a commission, similar to the Rake concept in poker. The operator doesn’t have anything to with the odds, so the usual bookie’s margin you are used to is not deducted from the price. The way betting exchanges make money is to commission transactions.

Use this formula to calculate how much commission you will be charged on Betting Exchange: [(Stake X Odds) – Stake] X Decimal Commission Rate

Example: You want to place a £100 on Chelsea’s triumph in the Premier League this season at odds 12.50, at a betting exchange that charges 5% commission: [(100 X 12.5) – 100] X 0.05 = £57,5

Some punters prefer to find out the actual odds deducting the commission beforehand. Use this formula to calculate Betting Exchange odds with the commission factored in: 1 + [(1 – Decimal Commission Rate) X (Odds – 1)]

Example: We’re looking at a bet with odds of 2.20 that can be placed with a betting exchange who charges a 2% commission: 1 + [(1 – 0.02) X (2.20 – 1)] = 2.17

Betdaq premium charge is pretty similar to Betfair’s commission discount: if you are high roller that often wagers on the respective platform, you can get twice better rates (the standard is a 5% commission that gets applied only to winning bets). Smarkets commission is a flat 2% charge on net winnings, not individual bets. Matchbook commissions’ work slightly different: you are charged 1.5% commission if you accept an existing offer from the market and just 0.75% if you post a new offer that later gets matched. But don’t limit your betting exchange comparison only to commission: overall liquidity and the markets that are available also represent important factors when weighing different options.

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How To Calculate Value Bets

How To Calculate Value BetsIf you have a keen eye for spotting value, you shouldn’t have any trouble beating the bookies in the long run, as long as you stick to the money management plan of course. To perfect your method, you’ll have to learn to convert odds to implied probability and vice versa and then do the math whenever you believe you’ve found a gem. There’s no need for a value bet calculator, just apply this simple formula: [(Decimal Estimated Probability * Decimal Odds) – 1] * 100

Example: You figured out that Arsenal’s win in the next match day has a probability of 70% and you found a bookie that offers 1.50 for that option. Let’s find out if there’s any value in those odds: (0.7 * 1.50) – 1 = 5%

It is now up to you to discover how to find value bets. It will take a lot of practising and tweaking your analysis method before you discover a good routine, but once you’ve found it, you will know you’re on your way to success!

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How To Bet On Sports

Best Sport To Bet On (According To Pros)

Best Sport To Bet On To Make Money

Listing the easiest sports bets to win wouldn’t be enough to help you change your fortunes, so we’ve put together a few essential things you need to know before we can move on:

Mug punters bet outside their limits, focusing mostly on accumulators; they often chase losses, wager on events they know little about, bite the bait set by social media tipsters, frequently throw out money betting randomly when they are tired, stressed or emotional and they fail to keep records of their bets, hence why they aren’t able to look back and improve their model.

In contrast, sharp bettors are highly organised: they’re strictly following a viable staking plan, they don’t ever place a bet without having value on their side, they only wager on singles, and they continuously go back to analyse their past results and tweak their model in their seek for perfection.

Discover The Best Sport To Bet On According To Pros – See Full Article


How To Bet On Football

How To Bet On FootballThe key to success in football betting relies mostly on a punter’s money management and value spotting ability. To spot value, you must have access to information and the skill to correctly evaluate the data you have on hand. Assessing the performance potential of two opponents can be tricky, so if you want to find out how to win football bets more often make sure you analyse these aspects before drawing any conclusions:

Objective and Motivation – I can’t stress enough how important this is: get this right, and the rest will just be like baby puzzle bits falling into place. If you can find out what the clubs’ short and long term goals are, you’ve already got a decent platform to build on. We’re talking about fixture commitments.

Busy clubs will sacrifice some matches in favour of others every season, so if you find out this before the bookies do, you’re basically laughing. Leaving that aside, knowing the actual level of motivation of each team to win, draw or lose a match can be crucial. Yes, you’ve heard well: some managers might ask their players not to lose by no more than two goals, if they have a first-leg advantage of let’s say 4 goals; they will be happy to surrender in order to give some players a rest and to make sure nobody becomes exhausted or gets hurt. Remember to always check the upcoming fixtures of each club, not just their recent run of results.

Home & Away Behaviour – The ‘Home Advantage’ should not be taken for granted. Some teams play better away from home, and that can even vary from one competition to another. Also, teams might have completely different approaches depending on where they play. Spotting a solid away team before the bookies become aware of it can fill your pocket with cold hard cash.

We place our footy acca’s and Asian Handicap bets here. Feel free to join us!

Form and Morale – Form is definitely an important factor in football betting analysis, but remember that it is subject to sudden changes in moments you expect the least. Also, most punters haven’t got a proper way of determining true form: they just look at a few numbers and conclude in seconds.

Form stats can be misleading, so you ideally want to watch football matches or at least highlights of those matches. On top of that, investigate advanced stats and information to figure out form, like the number of shots sent by the team and the on-target/off-target ratio, fouls, goals from action/set-pieces, mistakes made by referees – like lucky/unlucky scored/cancelled goals – and so on.

A team can play very badly and still win 2-0, as much as it can play really well and lose 0-2. Another facet that needs looking into would be morale, something that is not necessarily connected to the most recent four or five results. A squad with a poor form can have high morale as a result of:

  • receiving overdue wage payments
  • attending a wedding of one of the players or staff members
  • being promised a huge bonus if they win the next match
  • the manager being sacked
  • an upset of their closest rivals etc.

Unavailable players – Most bettors misjudge injuries and suspensions. Some teams might even benefit from such scenarios, as the usual substitutes might be a lot more motivated to prove their worth to the team than those that are used to be part of the starting line-up. For example, Borussia Dortmund performed excellently in the 17/18 Bundesliga during the first 7 matchdays, winning 6 out of 7 fixtures, despite undergoing a nasty injury crisis – several key players were sidelined.

When you hear about an injury, don’t just think about the loss, but try to figure out how the replacement will be able to perform. Generally, a squad with a good squad depth can overcome such trouble, so keep that in mind as odds might be moving wrongly, and you could benefit from that if you are above the crowd.

Match Conditions – This is probably one of the most overlooked topics in football betting or sports betting in general. Before backing a favourite, ask yourself this question: “Could they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke?”. Leaving the jokes aside, take these elements into account when weighing options and try to investigate how well both teams could cope under such circumstances:

  • Weather – Pay attention to humidity, altitude, pressure, not just temperature and precipitations.
  • Pitch Condition – Will the match be played on grass or artificial turf? Is the pitch muddy, wet, sandy, frozen?
  • Stadium & Fans – Is it a neutral stadium? Match behind closed gates? Does the home side have many hardcore fans – does this have a positive or negative impact?
  • Time – Besides the eventual timezone difference, which is rarely a factor, try to observe how teams perform under daylight and night conditions.
  • Referee – Scout for possible animosities by checking out the history of the reff concerning the two clubs. Find out if he is more lenient or rigorous on the pitch and then combine this information with the aggressiveness of either squad to draw relevant conclusions.

Consistency – Avoid betting on teams that usually perform very differently from a week to another. The standard variation when value betting is one thing, but if you choose to wager on unpredictable teams you’d better do it regularly to benefit from the unexpected results, otherwise skip their matches.

Day-to-Day Issues – Head coach or staff changes? Financial problems? Club takeover? Internal rivalries, fights, discipline issues etc. Keep every single aspect under your radar, even if this means monitoring various social media accounts, bloggers, news portals, and so on. Remember, if it were easy, everybody would do it!

Weaknesses & Strengths – Develop a football betting strategy to follow when you analyse each fixture. Take a sheet of paper and split it in half. On the left side, write the weaknesses of each club and on the right, write their strengths. You’ll see that everything is a lot easier to weigh when you have to put your thoughts on that paper.

After reaching a fair amount of betting samples feel free to evaluate your performance and tweak the model until you’re on top of the game. Remember that the cornerstone of winning football bets is, of course, weighing everything accurately and staying away from fixtures that are too unpredictable from your point of view. Don’t expect to win bets every time, instead focus on betting where the value is, as you will benefit from it in the long run.

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Premier League Betting Guide – From Beginner To Pro


Premier League Betting Guide 18-19The Premier League is the most famous football league on the planet, and the richest… Hence why there are so many betting opportunities up for grabs at a very good price! Our English top-flight betting guide covers the essential bits you need to know to win your bets.

We’ve prepared some interesting Premier League stats that will help you develop efficient betting strategies for the 2018/19 season: facts, stats, strategies, betting offers, tips, best prices, advice & more.

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World Cup 2018 Betting Guide: Odds & Betting Tips

World Cup 2018 Betting Guide Odds Betting Tips

From June 14 to July 15, Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The 32 teams that will participate in the 21st edition of the prestigious competition were divided into 8 groups of 4. A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 venues. We’ll introduce you to the best 2018 World Cup betting tips, all you need to know about the favourites, where you can find the best odds and provide you group predictions, knockout tips as well as free predictions for every single match that will take place this summer in Russia.

World Cup 2018 Betting Guide & Betting Tips – See Full Article


How To Bet On Tennis

How To Bet On TennisHello you Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Williams, Halep and Sharapova fans. We’re trying to let help you figure out how to bet on tennis and win. Here a few factors you should consider when analysing tennis matches:

Previous year tournament rankings – You’re certainly heard of the ATP & WTA Rankings, even if you’re not a big tennis fan. Well, the points players’ are awarded after each tournament last for a year, or more precisely until the end of next year’s competition. So this is the reason why most players tend to perform very good in the same tournaments and disappoint in the same others.

Of course, players’ are always looking to protect their position, but sometimes they can have different objectives for the current year. There are two other situation you have to be aware of: the first would be when a player has already lost points this year (could be due to injury or just poor form), failing to defend his titles or to achieve the same classifications as a year ago and therefore is going to be focusing on different tournaments for the rest of the season.

The other scenario you should spot if the case is the revelation players that suddenly start outdoing themselves, bolstering through the rankings and claiming unexpected titles. If you can spot their potential and form early, you should be able to make it count by backing them to win tournaments and then cashing out before they are facing a tough opponent.

Court Surface – Different players, will be better suited to certain conditions. Tennis is played on clay, grass and hard court, with the latter taking place indoors or outdoors. The top players have usually achieved success in various conditions, but this is not a general rule. Each time you are comparing two opponents, check their record on the surface they are just about to meet on and don’t let other meaningless factors bother you.

Playing Style – Tennis players have diverse skill sets, so the better you know what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they perform against different types of opponents, the better you can estimate probabilities and value. Some players have a gift to annihilate their opponents serve, while others are finding it hard to play against left-handed players. There are numerous scenarios out there and the better you are when it comes to spotting them, the more accurate your estimated probabilities will be.

Head-to-Head Meetings – Never take match-ups at face value. A tennis player might have lost 5 matches against this opponent, yet still, he might be the favourite of their next confrontation. The key here is to check out the surface they faced each other on previously and compare their current form (things change from one year to another, not to mention meetings that took place over two years ago).

Fatigue – Tennis is definitely one of the most exhausting sports. You are on your own, there’s no substitute for you as in team sports, and if you are a top player you might not have many free days during a year. Most of the times you have to play day in, day out, as a tennis player. Stress can take the best out of you, and many factors will contribute to that. Also, think about the fact that ladies are constantly confronted with the extra issue – menopause – that can alter their chances of succeeding.

This is why following tennis matches is crucial for your betting. If you closely follow a few players, you’ll soon know how to tell when they’re about to give up on a tournament or when they shouldn’t be capable of going on for much longer. Even though fatigue is vital, there’s no easy way to track that unless you watch tennis matches. In many cases, tennis over under predictions depend mostly on player fatigue. Those who have no clear indication of the fitness level of the two opponents are betting blindly.

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How To Bet On Cricket

How To Bet On CricketMake sure you learn more the basics of cricket and watch a few games before betting on this complex sport. After you are familiar with the slang and the game, make sure you understand the different game formats that are being used in cricket games:

  • Test – The result is decided within five days for international matches and four days in the case of domestic matches
  • One Day International – ODI cricket matches are limited to 50 overs, lasting no more than a day
  • Twenty20 – The game lasts no longer than 90 minutes, as both teams get 20 overs each

A batsman that’s able to score more runs in short periods will be suited to Twenty20, whereas a seasoned and balanced batter would perform best in Test cricket. Ask yourself this question when evaluating the two teams: Do they have a better attack or better defence? Are they likely to try and outscore through runs or will they focus on bowling?

The toss, the weather (cricket matches aren’t played under the rain, so for example, the over bets are severely affected by the presence of rain) and the condition of the playing surface are the elements that will have a massive impact on the outcome of the game. The wickets can be hard or soft, wet or dry and have short or tall grass. As a general rule of thumb, batsmen prefer flat wickets, fast bowlers benefit from green wickets, and spin bowlers can make the ball spin better on dry wickets.

On top of that, every pitch will deteriorate throughout the match, so if you can determine how much help it will offer to bowlers, you will have better chances to accurately estimate the innings total and the outcome of the game.

Value betting opportunities can also be found many times when betting live on cricket games, especially during the Test matches. One example would the ball change, that occurs after 80 overs: this can cause real problems for the batsman and determine the odds to change in a matter of balls. Bear in mind that listening to experienced cricket commentators can be a fantastic source of valuable insight.

Remember, every detail counts when betting on cricket matches. Make sure you study stats and results registered at that specific ground. A punter who can spot details can always find value betting opportunities in the cricket markets!

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How To Bet On Horse Racing

How To Bet On Horse RacingHorse racing isn’t as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Before we get into how to win horse racing bets, you have to know the basics, namely the types of bets available in these competitions. These are the most common types of bets in horse racing:

  • Win Bet – This is the simplest of all types of horse bets: you are backing the horse that you believe has the most chances of winning the race. The bet is going to win only of the horse you picked ends up victorious.
  • Each Way – This is actually a combined bet: half of your stake goes on the horse to win, and the other half goes on your horse to place, meaning that he should finish in the top 3 – although this can vary according to the number of participants, bookies preferences and so on. Usually, the odds for the place bet should be roughly ¼ of the horse’s odds for the win. This type of bet is often used on underdogs, as it can bring a profit even if the horse places.
  • Straight Forecast / Exacta – This bet implies picking the top two horses in the exact finishing order. It is a risky bet that usually comes at long odds.
  • Reverse Forecast – This type of bet allows you to pick the top two horses in either order. In fact, this involves a couple of Straight Forecast bets: half stake on each of the two possible outcomes.

Note that your odds can be reduced after you placed the bet if either competitor withdraws. The extent of that deduction will be based on the odds of the horse that has withdrawn; the bets on that horse will be refunded. This is not really one of the horse racing secrets but something you need to know.

How to bet on horses and win? Impossible to answer. How to bet horses successfully? There's no recipe for that I'm afraid. However, feel free to follow these tips to improve your fortunes:

  • Specialise in a few classes, follow all the respective events, take notes with anything that could become useful in the future and don’t get involved in all the races – there are too many of them, especially during the summer. Focus on the quality of your bets and not the quantity.
  • It is crucial to learn the run styles of the favourites and the conditions they perform best in. Make sure always to check out the stats that are in accordance with the current weather and track conditions (distance, surface, etc.). There’s a vast difference between a fast and a soft ground!
  • Take fatigue into consideration: a 30-60 day break for a horse is ideal. If a horse has let’s say 90 days since he last raced, he’ll need to regain fitness before he can perform. On the other hand, too much racing will cripple their work rate: a racehorse can handle 12 starts in two years, anything more than that will significantly affect his performance.
  • Highly popular horses are often overbet, so skip these bets because they seriously lack value. Instead look for beatable favourites, horses that have shown early speed in some of their most recent races or horses that have previously won at high odds, as they are likely to repeat that performance.
  • Always bet where you can find value and not on the most likely winner. Don’t let yourself affected by losses and focus on the long-term gain.

Can you make money from horse racing? That's really impossible to answer. Of course, there are successful punters out there, but there's no recipe for success. Despite that, you must realise that you have to work hard and be highly disciplined to stand a chance to achieve such a level. Profiting from sports betting, in general, is pretty tricky, so don’t fall for the realm being a quick way to riches illusion!

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How To Bet On Greyhound Racing

How To Bet On Greyhound Racing

The best way to bet on greyhounds is to know what you are doing. Although this sport might seem pretty straightforward, there are quite a few things you have to be aware of before even thinking about how to bet on dog races and win.

We’ll start off by explaining the types of racing bets, the different types of races, starting positions, dog running styles, and how to use the knowledge to your advantage by accurately weighing the data.

We’re going to build a solid foundation on which you should develop a viable dog betting strategy. Although it is mostly a beginner’s guide, we’ve included a few pro tips for performing successful dog racing analysis in the last section.

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How To Bet On Basketball

How To Bet On BasketballHow to bet on basketball and win? Well, first learn the rules of the game, then watch several matches and afterwards start following advanced stats and news. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Once you’ve done that you can continue reading this short guide that will get you going.

The most prestigious basketball competition in the world is the NBA – and that’s where the most bets are played. Other than that, basketball punters usually fancy US College Basketball and the EuroLeague – the sport’s version of the football Champions League let’s say – but given the fact that NBA games are played every day (each team plays 82 games in the regular season, and then the best 16 teams make it to the playoffs), some bettors prefer to specialise there and spend their time digging valuable information about the National Basketball Association alone.

If you are new to basketball betting, take a minute to understand the most popular markets:

Moneyline – The simplest bet you can place is a money line bet. Basically, you are picking the winner of something, depending on what the line states; it could be the winner of the match, of the first half, first quarter etc.

Points totals – Also known as an over/under basketball bet, this market takes into consideration the combined number of points scored by both teams. Of course, there are Team Totals, Quarter Totals and Half Time Totals as well, but these lines are less popular.

The spread – The point spread is the most common market in basketball betting. The favourite is deducted a number of points, which are added to the underdog, in the attempt to make it an even contest. For example, a Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic match main spread could look like this: Boston Celtics -8.5 and Orlando Magic +8.5. If you were to bet on the favourite, in this case, your bet would win if Boston wins by at least 9 points, whereas if you had bet on Orland Magic, your bet would have won if Orlando would not have lost by more than 8 points. The spread is basically a handicap bet, which offers various lines for each game.

In the modern-day, we have more than 100 basketball betting types, but most wagers are still placed on the three markets presented above. Already familiar with basketball betting? Here are a few things you should know when betting on basketball:

  • Always check team news on social media and official websites because the odds can dramatically change. If you place a bet too early, this could either turn out to be good or bad for you, a gamble we could say. So make a habit of either taking the starting price or waiting for the market to adjust the odds and grab them minutes before the game starts.
  • Don’t let at a glance stats fool you. For example, team totals averages can be quite deceiving. If you’d only look at averages, you could be misled by a few games that went in overtime.
  • Betting on underdogs is widely popular amongst the pros because less likely bets tend to have more value. Placing a small fixed percentage (2%) of your bankroll on every bet (even bets) should allow you to make a profit if your hit rate happens to be just a bit above 51%. Stick to your bankroll religiously!
  • Basketball over under systems need to be adjusted according to the league they are used in. NBA totals range between 180-220, while European and US College basketball reach 160 at most. On top of that, many punters suggest totals are the most accessible type of bet to get right in basketball.
  • Besides the home/away performances, also check recent head to head meetings and make sure you are aware of any personal rivalries that might exist.
  • Monitor fatigue levels and try to spot moments (mind travel delays, problems etc.) where certain teams could basically drop the chance of winning a match only to rest and get prepared for the more important fixtures ahead or to benefit on the long run.
  • Take notes of everything you learn about teams and players. List their characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses, and all the unusual things you observe about them.
  • Continuously monitor the betting line. If the spread changes without any vital news coming out, that could be the effect of some inside info that reached the ears of a high roller.

There are many basketball tipsters out there, so you won’t find it hard to collect a lot of insight besides your own research. Do not hesitate to specialise only in a few teams if time is your enemy and follow everything about them to know whether to bet on them or against them. Do your research, stick to your money management plan and don’t expect to get rich overnight!

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How To Play Casino, Poker & Lotteries

How To Win At Slots – Tips & Tricks

How To Win At Slots Tips TricksYou won’t be disappointed if you came here expecting to learn how to win at slot games. This casino guide will share the fundamental bits of information you absolutely need to know in order to increase your chances of yielding profit.

We’ll start with the blind truth: slots are negative expectation casino games, so no strategy out there can guarantee constant profits. The chances are against you, and you can’t do too much to change that!

However, there are a few slot machines tips and tricks that you should learn…

Waste no more time, discover the myths, the truths, the highest paying slot games & the best slot casinos bonuses – See Full Article


Bitcoin Casino (How To Gamble With Bitcoin On Casino Games)

Bitcoin Casino How To Gamble With Bitcoin

We’ve tested quite a few BTC casinos and browsed for additional feedback to come up with these suggestions. Whenever you play at an online casino, there’s a suspicion that the house might be cheating, that your account might be closed and all sorts of wacky stuff. We understand that, so we’ve only selected a few popular Bitcoin online casinos that are trustworthy. However, that was not the only criteria.

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How To Get Free Spins & No Deposit Casino Bonuses

How To Get Free Spins & No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Online casinos use welcome bonus no deposit promos to grow their player base, and that’s great news for gamblers. This is due to the ever more competitive online gambling industry.

Players love new online casino no deposit bonuses because they enable risk-free play with the possibility of winning real money. Of course, it is widespread for players to try out a few online casinos before actually depositing funds to claim even more tempting casino deposit offers.

We’ll explain the main types of no deposit casino bonuses, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to have an exciting experience playing slots online and casino games online from the UK without spending any real money.

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Lottery Betting: Play The Lottery Online

Discover the best lottery betting sites from the UK, place your wagers online and go for the biggest jackpots from all over the world!

Lottery betting is different from buying lottery tickets, in the sense that the operator awards the players their winnings based on the odds they have set for each outcome, although they are following the results of the official draws. A few connoisseurs claim that lotto betting is even better than the original, and we second that!

Some online betting sites allow you to wager on the outcome of various lottery draws like EuroMillions, The National UK Lottery, Mega Millions (US), 49’s and so on, offering fixed odds for different types of bets (enhancing the overall experience) like Straight, Combination, Bonus Ball Number, 1st Number Drawn, Total Value, First Drawn Odd/Even, HiLo & Odd/Even, among others.

We’ll even tell you how you can buy official lottery tickets online at the end of this guide – See Full Article


Best Online Poker Sites (2019 Freerolls & Bonuses)

Best Online Poker Sites

UK players who want to play online poker should only play in a safe environment. Going for dodgy deals and promotions is not the best of ideas. Our ‘Safety First’ guideline ensures all the online poker sites featured on BettingInstitute are legal in the UK in 2019.

UK players have access to a wide variety of poker operators, so those of you who are looking for the best freeroll poker sites UK, the best poker sites for tournaments or the best UK no deposit poker bonuses.

We couldn’t neglect the best poker bonuses in UK, so we’re going to emphasis on all the goodies you can get at our recommended poker sites, including not only poker signup bonus no deposit offers, but all kinds of promotions that will boost your bankroll and your chances of winning.

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The UK's Best Free Bet Offers For 2019 Choose a free bet from our comprehensive list