How to Avoid Losing Acca Bets When One Leg Constantly Lets You Down

Learn how to stop losing accumulators due to one pick losing and get more out of your bets without spending more time analysing sporting events

The risk/reward ratio of most betting accumulators does not provide a lot of value, but these types of bets come packed with a lot of excitement. No wonder why tens of thousands of punters are in love with these types of accumulator bets.


It’s incredibly annoying to lose accas due to one selection losing.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can employ to prevent that from happening so often, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you below.


These tips aren’t going to make you a millionaire, but they can help you improve your betting fortunes.

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  1. Lower your expectations
  2. Consider Acca Insurance & Similar Offers
  3. Try Asian Handicap Bets
  4. Place System Bets
  5. Develop a Cash Out Strategy


Lower your expectations

Lower your expectations

Did you know that the actual probability of winning an average 6-fold acca is often less than 1%? Yes, you've heard well. That's why you rarely win… It is needless to say that the total odds of your accas don't reflect anywhere near the actual probabilities.

Thus, the acca bonus is not exactly your best friend, as the house edge increases with every selection that’s added on a bet slip, as we’ve explained here. Also bear in mind that the more matches you bet on, the higher the chances of picking a major upset are.

Therefore, we recommend you don't add more than 3 or 4 selections on a bet slip if you want to improve your hit rate and try not to go above total odds of 5/1.

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Some punters simply can't imagine placing a bet without adding fewer than nine or ten selections. If you happen to be one of those bettors, at least consider applying some of the following suggestions.


Consider Acca Insurance & Similar Offers

Consider Acca Insurance & Similar Offers


You’ve certainly come across promotions like “Money Back as a free bet if one leg of your 4+ ACCA lets you down”, or “Money Back as a free bet if one leg lets you down”, but did you ever bother to make your bets eligible?

Accumulator insurance bonuses enable you to get your money back if your acca loses by a single leg. The stake is typically returned in the form of free bets, bonuses or cash, but some bookmakers chose to pay a small percentage of your total win.

What's common in football acca insurance is that every bookmaker imposes a min odds per leg requirement for bets to qualify for this promotion. There can also restrictions on sports, competitions, bet types, and maximum refund, so be careful and read the T&C’s before placing your acca bets.

In addition, there are other acca insurance promotions, such as Acca Edge, where you have to consent to an odds reduction, but you will win get your money back when one selection lets you down. Although it may seem that these promos will reduce your chances of being profitable in the long run, in sports betting, it’s always a good idea to think about minimising loses.

So, take advance of multiple bet offers if you’re an acca betting aficionado who adds 5 or more picks on every bet slip.

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Try Asian Handicap Bets

Try Asian Handicap Bets

Adding refundable picks on your bet slips is incredibly helpful because the selections are given odds of 1.00 if the result – after you take into account your handicap – ends up being a draw. Yes, the odds are lower, but you have more chances to win an acca as long as you add picks that are eligible for reimbursement.

We advise you to look at Asian handicap markets like 0 (Draw No Bet – for football accumulators), +1.0, +2.0 and so on, as well as other betting markets such as Each Way – that applies to greyhound racing, motorsport, horse racing bets etc. to create safer bets.

Finding low-risk betting tips in the bookings, corners, possession, shots on target or other less common betting markets can also be a good idea, as Moneyline bets can sometimes be very hard to predict.

We're not saying that all your bets should fall under this category, but at least use safer bets when you're not entirely convinced about a prediction that comes at an attractive price.

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Place System Bets

Place System Bets

System bets enable your bet slip to generate returns without requiring all your selections to win. According to the value of the odds, you'll need more or less successful selections to break even or land a profit when you’ve wagered this way. But even if you fail to come up with profitable accumulators, recovering a substantial part of your stake now and then isn’t too bad either, is it?

Even if you aren’t too happy with the lower potential returns that come with system betting (when compared with regular accas), try to understand that you’ll feel a lot better when more of your 4/5, 6/8 or 7/10 bet combinations win or at least don’t end up losing your full stake.

All in all, system bets can contribute to cutting your losses and enable you to profit more from your sports knowledge, as you should lose less money, win more frequently, and you don’t have to despair when the last match on your bet slip loses, as we’ve explained in another accumulator betting guide.

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Develop a Cash Out Strategy

Develop a Cash Out Strategy

The Cash Out feature enables a user to close a bet before the games on the bet slip are settled, regardless if the matches have started or not. It comes in handy for acca fans because it provides a lot of flexibility, as you can use it to either secure winnings or cut losses. Nevertheless, it would help if you didn't use all willy-nilly because you are paying the bookie's commission the second time for the same bet when doing so.

It’s not always about cashing out when you only have one selection left. Sometimes, you can have three games running at the same time, and you can cash in if the price is right. Plus, some betting strategies are built around cashing out; For instance, placing multiple X/1 bets (draw at half time, home win at full time) and cashing out if things to plan at some point during the game, even as early as after 30 minutes.

Also, most of the times, you can cash out your bets even when you don’t have the features available for your current bet slip. Manually placing an opposite bet is how the pros do it, and most of the times they will place that bet with another bookmaker, not to avoid bending any rules, but to ensure they grab the best odds on the market. It’s easy to pull off this trick when you have only one game left – as long as you can somehow bet against it in-play. However, things get more complicated when you have multiple selections.

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