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Discover the best lottery betting sites from the UK, place your wagers online and go for the biggest jackpots from all over the world!

Lottery betting is different from buying lottery tickets, in the sense that the operator awards the players their winnings based on the odds they have set for each outcome, despite the fact that they are following the results of the official draws. A few connoisseurs claim that lotto betting is even better than the original, and we second that!

Some online betting sites allow you to wager on the outcome of various lottery draws like EuroMillions, The National UK Lottery, Mega Millions (US), 49’s and so on, offering fixed odds for different types of bets (enhancing the overall experience) like Straight, Combination, Bonus Ball Number, 1st Number Drawn, Total Value, First Drawn Odd/Even, HiLo & Odd/Even, among others.

We’ll tell you how you can buy official lottery tickets online at the end of this guide, but let’s skip that for now: After all, you can bet on several lotteries and win the biggest jackpots the world has to offer without even leaving your home!

In fact, some official lottery operators won’t allow foreigners to buy tickets at all, and in some cases, natives who aren’t physically located in the country when they want to get the lotto ticket aren’t allowed to participate either.

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Best Lottery Betting Sites – UK 2018

Where you bet on the lottery online does matter, because one operator might offer 7/1 odds on matching one number, whereas another lottery betting site could offer 8/1 for the same pick. So if you’re looking to bet on national and international lotteries from all around the world, consider registering with these highly reputable & trusted UK licensed online betting sites:



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+18 non-US residents only. Applies only for the first time signup/login via App. Minimum deposit is €10, 100% bonus applies up to €50 deposited. The deposit bonus will expire 14 days after you have activated it. This bonus campaign is effective until 31/12/2018. Bonus available for App version 2.0.2 and above. The given bonuses are subject to our T&Cs (lotto bonus & casino bonus).

Lotteries: Oktoberfest Lottery, Mega Millions, Powerball Boost, Powerball, Eurojackpot, SuperEnaLotto, Euromillions, La Primitiva, Viking Lotto, California SuperLotto, Bitcoin jackpot, Swiss Lotto, Cash4Life, Finland Lotto, El Gordo, Canada Lotto, Germany Lotto, New York Lotto, Irish Lotto, Bonoloto, Norway Lotto, Austria Lotto, Mega-Sena, Poland Lotto, Australia Powerball, Hoosier Lotto, Illionis Lotto, UK National Lottery, Belgium Lotto, Florida Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Sweden Lotto, Powerball Max, Mega Millions Max, Eurojackpot Max, Mini Lotto & many more.

  • Industry-leading selection of lottery games (57)
  • Website is available in 18 different languages

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Lottery Syndicates: Monster Combo, Power Combo, USA Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Combo, Eurojackpot, Italian SuperEnalotto, EuroClub, EuroMillions 50, EuroMillions Max, Spain’s La Primitiva, Australian Lotto, Florida Lotto & Christmas El Gordo.

Millionaire Raffles: Christmas El Gordo, November’s special draw, Saturday Draw & Thursday Draw.

VIP Loyalty Program: Every time you bet you’ll earn VIP Points. You receive 1 VIP Loyalty Point for every £2 you spend. VIP points can be redeemed for discounts, free bets and VIP promotions.

Memberships: Gold, the 1st of the four-tier membership levels, is costs £10 a month, but the user is automatically credited the cost back to his account, where he can spend it anyway he likes. Plus, this entry-level membership comes with 3 discounted syndicate bets per month, free and automatic participation in the Gold Syndicate and exclusive weekly offers and discounts. Diamond, Platinum and Titanium memberships provide significantly improved benefits.

  • Accepts 32 payment methods, including Bitcoin
  • Live chat, Skype, Phone & E-mail support available

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Betfred Lotto

Lotteries: Irish Lotto, 49’s Lotto, Daily Million, New York Lotto, Polish Lotto, Spanish Lotto, Hong Kong Lotto, Canadian Lotto, Australian Lotto, Greek Lotto, German Lotto

  • Several Lotto special markets and daily 49’s draws
  • Refund offers, discount buy-ins & many niche bonuses

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Lotteries: 49s, Irish Lottery, Irish Daily Million, Spanish Lottery, New York Lottery, German Lottery, French Lottery, Canadian Lottery

Lottery bets: Straight, Combination, Bonus Ball Number, 1st Number Drawn, Total Value, First Drawn Odd/Even, HiLo, Odd/Even

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Lotteries: 49’s, Daily Millions, Irish Lottery, UK Lottery, Euro Lotto, Australian Lottery, French Lottery, Greman Lottery, New York Lottery, Canadian Lottery, Greek Lottery, Hong Kong Lottery, Spanish Lottery, Polish Lottery

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Which Lottery Is The Easiest To Win?

Lotteries have various formats like 5/41, 5/42, 5/90, 6/45, 6/47, 6/49, 20/62, 20/80 and others. Of course, the lottery’s format (including the standard ticket type) will dictate the odds of winning the big jackpot, however, most lotto aficionados are interested in their chances of winning something when they place a bet or buy a ticket, so we’ve decided to present you the lotteries where prizes are easiest to win (in theory) first, and then we’ll move on to the big jackpots.

Odds of winning any prize:

French Lottery (Loto)6/17.0014.3%
The National Lottery (UK)93/107.009.7%
Spanish Lottery (El Gordo De La Primitiva)11/112.008.3%
Austria Lotto12/113.007.7%
MegaMillions (US)26/1273.7%

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Now, if all you’re after is becoming a millionaire then you want to go for the big jackpots only, so we’ve added a couple of tables that will definitely interest you!

Odds of winning the jackpot:

LotteryJackpot Odds
Mini Lotto (Poland)850,668/1
Sweden Lotto6,724,520/1
Austria Lotto8,145,060/1
Ireland Lotto10,737,573/1
Viking Lotto12,271,512/1
Poland Lotto13,983,816/1

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Average number of draws until jackpot is won:

LotteryAvg. Draws
Saturday Lotto (Australia)1.23
Austria Lotto2.17
Euro Millions5.30
La Primitiva (Spain)8.83
Powerball (US)10.60
Mega Millions13.25
Swiss Lotto26.50
SuperEnalotto (Italy)79.00

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A Few More Things To Remember

With poker, blackjack and sports betting you can make decisions that can have a huge impact on your overall balance, however, lotto games are purely based on luck, just like slots, roulette, craps and other casino games. Lottery is gambling in its purest form. There’s nothing you can do to change that, there’s no strategy and no system that can help you win, so just remember that you’re always going to rely on randomness.

The only thing you can do is to compare the odds offered by various lotto betting sites and wager where you can get the best value for the money. On the other hand, if you’re aiming at achieving successful long-term results then consider checking out our complete betting guide and our collection of sports betting articles.

Consider entering a lottery syndicate if you really to increase the likelihood of winning something from the draws… although the prizes won’t be impressive. The idea behind these sort of schemes is to join forces with a particular group of players, buy shares and increase your chances of winning.

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Other lotto betting sites allow you to create your own syndicates. In this case you can set up a predefined group of members and buy bulk tickets at reduced prices. If you’re the type of guy or girl who enjoys analysing past draws in order to perform calculations and anticipate the winning combination, then this sort of lottery group system might be for you.

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